Campaigns (First Draft) - PLAY IT NOW!


Today, October 11th 2018, we released the first iteration of our new Campaign Mode for Robocraft. This early work-in-progress “first-draft” of Campaign has been added to Robocraft so we can get your valuable feedback on the new mode; allowing us to make the right design and development decisions that are important to you, our valued community of Robocrafters.


Campaign Mode is an exciting (currently) single-player game mode where you take-on waves of Robots before taking on a final ‘Boss’ Robot. In today’s update, we added 3 different campaign games for you to play; each offering a different set of game rules and Robots to fight against. We will add more campaign games in the future, with a special time-limited campaign coming next Thursday! You’ll need to keep an eye on our social spaces to find out more about that from Monday.

Our plan is to update and iterate on Campaign mode based on your feedback which you can leave over on the official feedback thread on the forums.

Patch Notes: v1.11.2602


  • Campaign Mode (First-Draft) - an exciting new single-player experience for Robocraft. Take on waves of Robots across five difficulty levels - will you defeat the Megabot final bosses? Read our recent blog posts here and here to find out more about Campaign mode.
  • AI Robots in Campaign mode use a wider range of weapons:
    • Laser
    • Rail
    • Plasma
    • PSK/LOML (do not lock on but will fire)
    • Ion
    • Tesla
    • Flak
    • Mortar
    • Chaingun


  • Fixed a bug which caused some Robots equipped with hovers to be flipped when spawning
  • Lock-on weapons now display the correct text
  • Robot momentum no longer carries over upon respawn
  • AI Plasma splash damage now works as intended
  • AI can no longer see and shoot players using an active Ghost Module

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