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New build now live! Give us your feedback!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday we released an update to Robocraft which contained several changes to weapon balancing. Do try out the latest build and experience the changes for yourself. There were a variety of buffs to several weapons, and a nerf to the Plasma.


Read the full announcement by clicking here

We feel that we got some really valuable information from players when we asked for feedback and we’d like to continue to have this sort of interaction with our community when approaching certain topics such as balancing.

A new survey has been created which allows us to collate the data much more easily than our last feedback survey thread. It contains a selection of multiple choice questions as well as a few areas where you can submit feedback not linked directly to Weapon balancing. Based on overall consensus and our own internal analytics we’ll be able to make some good decisions that will help improve the overall quality of Robocrafts weapon balancing and core game experiences.

A google account is required to fill out the form below:

Feedback Form

We thank everyone in advance for taking the time to fill out this form, it will be very useful and we can’t wait to get some really amazing feedback from you all.

Build, Drive, Fight!


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