Community Balance Update Live 24-01-2019

Community balance changes, a new trailer and bug fixes are now live!

Hello Robocrafters!

We have a pretty substantial update today which includes weapon balance changes based upon data we have received from our latest community feedback thread. There are also a ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

New Trailer

A community group known as Robocrew have created an incredible brand new trailer for Robocraft. This trailer will appear in game when you launch Robocraft

Weapon Balance Pass

A couple of weeks ago we asked you all to provide us with some information which would allow us to help with weapon balancing. Thank you to everyone who provided us feedback, we’ve acted upon them and are happy with the new balance changes but would love to hear your feedback. We’ll be running another community balance survey in the future. But first, lets detail the core changes we made to weapons


There were no solid agreements on changes that need to be made to the Laser in regards to nerfs/buffs and due this this, no balance changes will be made to the Lasers at this time.


Overall consensus was that plasma should receive a damage nerf. We have decided to reduce the damage output of the Plasma by 5%.


This weapon seemed to be in a relatively good place at this current moment in time. The least contested change was related to accuracy whilst moving. Players wanted the time to regain accuracy after coming to a stand-still to regain faster. So instead of 1.5 seconds to regain accuracy after moving, it has been reduced to 0.75 seconds.


One of the most debated topics from our weapon balance thread was that Nanos needed a significant buff. We have chosen to give nanos a 10% buff in healing rate and a 5% reduction in energy cost.


After looking into the flak damage values we discovered that there was a bug which was causing the in-air damage from the flak to be registered incorrectly. This bug is now fixed and means that the Flak will now deal greater damage to in-air targets.


We didn’t want to make any drastic changes to seekers as we’re still receiving feedback on the range changes we made since our last update. We are hoping to gather more feedback for this weapon again in combination to the other changes made during todays update.


After discussing this weapon internally, we believed that the Ion would feel more balanced once Plasma has received a nerf. The nerf to the Plasma in this update should address this.


Feedback had shown that players wanted an increase in damage and an increased fire rate. Based on this, we are increasing the shots per second from 10 to 12 and increasing damage per shot by 5%.


Players reported that the Mortar consumed far too much energy. We have chosen to reduce energy consumption by 10%, this will increase the shots launched in 1 energy bar from 5 to 6


The tesla will have three major adjustments in this balance pass. Firstly, they have increased damage by 5%, reduced energy cost by 5% and finally an increase in hits per second from 4 to 5.

We felt that the community feedback that we received a few weeks ago really was incredibly useful and we are planning to do it again very soon… In fact, we’ll be posting a new feedback balance thread in time for the weekend.

We have made a ton of changes in this update to weapons, so please do spend some time playing the latest update so you can get a good understanding of the core changes and how they affect the gameplay.

Tomorrow we’ll be creating another feedback thread post in the form of a survey to make compiling the data even easier.

Voting Screen Particle Effects

As an extra little bit of polish we’ve added some visual particle effects to the voting screen. Clicking the Best Played and Best Looking buttons will activate them.


Based on the number of votes for Best Played and Best Looking, another particle effect will appear behind the card.


Patch notes of the changes and fixes are included below:


  • New Robocraft Trailer added to intro
  • Balance Pass based on community feedback
  • Added a new label under the crosshair to better indicate how/when to flip your robot”
  • Provided better information to show players how to use the picker tool.
  • Voting cards become interact-able faster
  • Neon cube has updated saturation
  • The camera now has a zoom out to better display the new spawn effects
  • Visual update to rail projectiles


  • After an error during the infinitisation update we noticed that speed boosts were not reduced after stating that they were. We’ve now reduced Speed Boost across the board by 20%
  • Flak explosion damage is now correctly calculated for air based robots
  • T5 Flak now contains the correct ‘damage per stack’ info in the tooltip
  • Purchasing Robopass Plus during the battle summary flow will update the RoboPass screen correctly
  • Fairy lights now highlight invalid placements of cubes if the lights were placed first.
  • Fairy lights now keep their hitbox after leaving test mode
  • All Plasma tiers now trigger robot shake
  • Effects now play during the voting screen once a robot reaches 36 votes for “best looking robot”
  • No longer able to move during the first spawn animation in Test/ Play vs AI, while the camera is moving
  • Party widget now displays correctly when queuing for battle and while in build mode
  • Average queue time while in lobby is now more accurate
  • Voting buttons on the end-of-battle screen now have the correct icons displayed
  • T5 Laser muzzle flash locations are now correct
  • Neon cubes that are disconnected will now display in the correct shade of red
  • T4/T5 seekers now award the correct credit for the ‘I’ve Got Tone’. The Seeker/LOML are now merged into this achievement. Also removed “Not the Bees” achievement and added “Lob it” achievement for Mortar kills
  • AI robots equipped with rails will no longer attempt to shoot at other robots through walls
  • Player list HUD in Battle Arena now correctly shows respawn times next to players rather than kill count
  • Sorting by CPU in the Robot Factory will now display search results across all tiers
  • AI kills are now appearing in the kill feed during Play vs AI matches
  • Pausing during the campaign countdown will no longer cause the UI to be stuck for the rest of the round
  • AI will no longer shoot at the last place a robot was destroyed until it respawns
  • Fixed an issue where labels that show the queue status of your party were not working correctly.
  • Mortar explosions on the boundary shields no longer create an odd square effect
  • Player lists in the top corners now sort by highest kills in TDM
  • Fixed an issue where Nano and LOML will lose lock on functionality if you have placed multiple tiers of the same type of weapon, and one of them is shot off
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes leave users stuck after battle”
  • Fixed overflowing texts on some dialogue windows
  • Fixed an issue where users that created their account during Early Access but did not receive their pilot seat rewards
  • Fixed an issue where the PLAY button in the top bar will not highlight when looking at the custom game screen
  • Fixed an issue where player lists would have too much spacing in lower resolutions until the list is refreshed Thank you everyone for your feedback and continued support. We hope you enjoy this update.
  • Rail and Laser projectiles are no longer invisible when firing over certain distances

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