Weapon Feedback Update


While a majority of the team knuckle-down on the forthcoming Tiers and Infinity update for Robocraft, we’ve set aside a bit of time to add some Quality of Life (QoL) improvements to the game in the shape of new Robot Recoil and Camera feedback systems, audio improvements and damage indicators.

Weapon Feedback Update - Out Now


  • Improved weapon feedback systems
  • Audio Improvements including new laser sounds and dynamic sound mixing


  • Improvements to CRF sorting algorithm to favour more recently uploaded Robots from active players
  • Changes to Game Mode order on play menu
  • NEW PLAYER LEVEL XP – For players with a low level, we have reduced the experience required to level-up.


  • Fixed a bug which made it possible to move under the map when blinking through the enemy base shield
  • Fixed an audio bug on Propellers, Hovers, Rotors and Thrusters
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some hotkeys from working on the Tech Tree and Quests screens
  • Fixed a bug which allowed some buttons to be pressed whilst the pause menu was displayed
  • Fixed a bug which permitted players to unfairly gain XP in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused the cosmetic seats to be displaced in some game modes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck on a screen when attempting to purchase Premium via the Battle * Summary screen at the end of a League match
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Gold Developer Supporter Flag trail

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