RoboPass - Exhausted On All The New Content?!

RoboPass Season 1 will arrive in just a few days and we’ve already revealed a number of cosmetic unlocks… Today we’re revealing another new type of cosmetic!

More info on RoboPass here.

In today’s post we wanted to share with you a new cosmetic piece which will behave just a little differently compared to previous types of cosmetic items. The Exhaust Blower


Once you’ve placed the Exhaust Blower, your robot will look awesome. But once your robot starts moving, the Exhaust Blower will begin to function!

The flame effect that plays from the exhaust blower will only emit once you press the W key. This is the very first cosmetic item in Robocraft which will react to a button press from the player. In the future we’d love to give players even more actions which are performed with a button press. Let us know what you think of this type of cosmetic item which react to button presses!

In just a few days all of our players will be able to experience the first ever RoboPass! Stay tuned to tomorrow’s new content reveal. Until then, Build, Drive, Fight!

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