Robopass Live December 18th!

Hello Robocrafters!

We are a few days away from the launch of our first ever RoboPass, currently set to go live on December 18th 2018!

RoboPass is a seasonal event where players can unlock new cosmetic items during the two month active period; RoboPass Season 1 will end February 18th 2019.

You can read more about what RoboPass is exactly by following this link.

There’s a ton of content coming with it that we’ve already announced which includes:

Brand New Spawn Effects

Players will be able to choose how they enter the fight with three awesome spawn effects.


New Cosmetic Item

The fairy lights were revealed as a new type of cosmetic item.


Present Cosmetics

Available in large and small!


Neon Cubes

Making their first appearance in Robocraft, these neon cubes debuted in Robocraft Infinity on the Xbox One.


And today we are revealing another pair of cosmetic items:

New Vapour Trails

Vapour trails allow players to set an effect which will follow their robot’s movements. As part of RoboPass season 1, there will be a couple of new trails which you’ll be able to place on your robot. The first one is the snowflake vapour trail.


Our second vapour trail effect is the firework vapour trail!


RoboPass is scheduled to go live on the 18th of December, but we still have more content to reveal! Check back tomorrow for more info! Until then, Build, Drive, Fight!

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