Plan, Adapt, Eliminate

Event System and Elimination coming this month!

Hello Robocrafters!

Today, we’re revealing a new system that will help increase the optimisation of matchmaking and allow players to make impactful build decisions BEFORE they enter a match. We call it, the Event system

So what is the event system? We do have a list of our objectives below:

  • Make building matter More
  • Increase Matchmaking Quality
  • Decrease queue times
  • Fewer team spots taken by AI
  • More varied gameplay and map conditions
  • Make Building Matter More

This is done by introducing a new map and game mode rotation system whereby only one map, game mode and set of conditions is active at a time



The event system will allow you to see what map, game mode and conditions are currently active. This will refresh every few hours and will allow you to plan your next step


You may need to adjust your playstyle and robot selection when considering the map, game mode and current conditions. Perhaps a long range weapon is not feasible due to the current conditions? Maybe there will be times when a short range weapon will be much more useful, but can lead to incredible chaos. Adapt your robot to compete efficiently.


You’ve checked the event viewer, you’ve selected your robot, now you need to launch into battle!

That last point is even more apt as we are bringing back a highly requested game mode, Elimination!

Elimination will be placed into the new game mode rotation this month. This is a highly requested game mode from many players and we are looking forward to seeing you try out the Elimination game mode

If you are not familiar with Elimination mode, each team will start with a number of players. If any person is destroyed, they will be eliminated from the game and will be unable to respawn. The last team with at least one robot still standing will win…. However you can also try to capture the enemy’s Base to win the game.

When Elimination has been selected by the Event system, there will be a few changes from other game modes.

Auto healing is disabled in Elimination

We have heard that players have requested the removal of auto heal. While Elimination is active, Auto heal will be disabled. So you’re going to want to make sure your team has at least one healer to keep your team in the battle!

Team sizes increase to ten per team in Elimination

Each team will now start with 10 robots! We will be keeping an eye on feedback and performance during Elimination. There is a chance that this team size may be reduced if it causes significant issues for players, but we will keep you posted.

And finally, a couple of maps will be added into the map rotation

Returning to Helion Crater

We will be adding Helion Crater to the map rotation! This was the first map ever created for Robocraft when we launched and we hope veterans and new players will enjoy its return to map rotation.


Gliese Lake!


The frozen map of Gliese Lake will be added to the map rotation too!

The Event System, elimination mode and the two returning maps will be a part of the next update due this month.

We will also share more details next week regarding the ‘conditions’ that the Event System will select for each event.

We anticipate that this update will go live on the week starting the 13th of May.

Until then; Build, Drive, Fight


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