What Is Robopass?

We have some great news about a major update coming before Christmas - ROBOPASS!

Hey Robocrafters,

Many in the community have been asking us to give more information on this so in response, here is some more detail on RoboPass.

For a while now we’ve had a lot of requests from players who have unlocked everything in game, they want ‘something to play for’. RoboPass is designed to give everyone 2 months of new content to earn by playing and earning exp.

Here’s how RoboPass works:

  • RoboPass is a new screen added to the game
  • Whenever you return to the Mothership after battle your progress on RoboPass will be updated
  • RoboPass has 30 ‘Grades’, Grades are a bit like ‘Levels’ but these are specific to RoboPass (Grades are earned at different rate to Player Levels)
  • You earn Grades by gaining XP
  • To get all 30 Grades will take around ~60 hours of play (based on average XP earning rate)
  • To get everything you must earn all 30 grades within the 2 months that RoboPass will be running
  • There are 2 x Rows of content, the bottom row is for players who are playing for free, so even if you do not own RoboPass Plus you can still unlock new content by earning the ‘Grades’
  • The Top Row is called ‘RoboPass Plus’ and ensures you unlock tons of extra content* on top of what is available for free
  • Even if you don’t own ‘RoboPass Plus, your progress throughout the grades will be saved, so at any point in during the RoboPass period you will be able to buy RoboPass Plus and retrospectively unlock all the items for Grades you have previously earned
  • The best content* is on the RoboPass Plus row but there is some cool content* on the top (free) row also
  • Premium users progress through RoboPass 2x faster than those without Premium
  • Premium for Life! Users will get a 50% discount on RoboPass Plus**
  • RoboPass contains a total of $100 worth of new content*
  • RoboPass Plus is $9.99 (so you get $100 content for $9.99)
  • Premium for Life! Users get RoboPass Plus for $4.99 (so $100 content for $4.99)

When we removed Loot Crates from the game and moved to the Infinity system we committed to monetising Robocraft in a different way, a super fair cosmetic only way. For us this meant we needed to add cosmetic items that users would want to buy whilst retaining perks for Premium users and extra perks for Premium for Life! users.

We will be sharing more details on the unlockable content* up until the release of RoboPass on 17th of December.

*The items in RoboPass are 100% Cosmetic plus some CC and some Robits, they are not needed to win in battle and cannot improve your Robot’s performance

**RoboPass has been designed to run for a single 2 month season. We will see how successful it is and at the end of the season and decide if we will continue to do more Season Passes or if we will switch to another way of adding content and monetising if it’s unpopular.

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