Weapon Balance Changes 10/01/2019

Hello everyone! We have just left maintenance and the latest weapon balance changes are now live.


Projectile Speed: 260 -> 500

Energy Cost: 1500 -> 1250

Cooldown between shots: 0.5 -> 0.25


range: 226 -> 150


energy cost: 4000 -> 3250 Range: 50 -> 75 Base inaccuracy: 7 -> 5

These changes are not directly linked to our weapon balance feedback thread. I have yet to collate the data input here so please make sure to continue posting feedback in this thread:

Feedback Thread

it is likely this thread will be locked down at some point later today, so do provide any feedback when you can. A great deal of you have given us some awesome feedback and I’ll be collating the info to send to the team very soon.

All the best,


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