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If you’ve been following Robocraft’s development recently, you’ll be aware that we’re removing Salvage Crates from the game, introducing loads of cool new features and re-imagining some fan favourites too. In our next update, Phase 2, we will be removing the last remnants of Salvage Crates from the game, adding Robit rewards for battle performance, Tech Points and a Tech Tree with which to spend them on.


What is the Tech Tree?

The Tech Tree is a new progression path for players in Robocraft. Unlocking parts with Tech Points grants you access to those parts that you’ll then need to forge in order to put them on your Robots.

tech tree

What are Tech Points?

Tech Points are used to unlock parts on the Tech Tree and you’ll earn one Tech Point whenever you level-up.

tech points

The maximum number of Tech Points you can earn is 342 as this is the maximum number required to unlock all the parts on the Tech Tree. Once you’ve unlocked everything, you will no longer receive Tech Points when you level up. Please note that if you’ve unlocked everything and we add new parts to the Tech Tree, you’ll start earning Tech Points until you’ve enough to once again unlock everything and at that point, you’ll stop earning them.

How many Tech Points do parts cost?

Depending on their rarity, parts require a different amount of Tech Points to unlock

  • Uncommon Parts – 1 Tech Point to unlock
  • Rare Parts – 2 Tech Points to unlock
  • Epic Parts – 3 Tech Points to unlock
  • Legendary Parts – 5 Tech points to unlock

I’m an existing player with parts in my inventory will I lose them?

No, any parts you have currently in your inventory or on your Robots will be automatically unlocked when we roll out the update. Any parts you don’t have will be locked on the tech tree, and you’ll need to unlock them to be able to forge them.

Any parts you haven’t unlocked will not be displayed on the Forge, Inventory, or Recycle screens.

inventory screen

Can I reset my account to lock the Tech Tree as I want to experience the unlock progression?

No, I’m afraid we don’t offer account resets; if you want to experience the Tech Tree and the new progression, you will need to dismantle all your Robots and recycle all your inventory before the update launches. If you don’t want to do that, you can create a new account and start from scratch.

I’m level 300 and have some parts unlocked in my inventory, will I get my missing Tech Points?

Yes! For example, if you’re level 300 and you have parts unlocked which total up to 200 Tech Points, you’ll have 100 Tech Points on your account when you first login after the update.

If you’re level 400 and you’ve unlocked 100 Tech Points worth of parts prior to the update, you’ll have 242 Tech Points on your account when you login after the update. This will allow you to unlock any remaining parts on the Tech Tree.

I have Tech Points to spend, can I unlock anything on the Tech Tree?

No, you can only unlock parts that are adjacent to any other part that has already been unlocked (see image below). We believe this form of progression is fairer and doesn’t give players instant access to the rarest items. The Tech Tree will tell you which parts can be unlocked and which ones cannot.

tech tree

How is player levelling going to work with the Tech Tree?

With the Tech Tree update we will be increasing the speed at which players up to level 375 level up as we want you all to enjoy all of the parts without a massive grind. Depending on XP earned in battle, players level 1-10 will earn a level-up every 1-2 games. For players up to level 375, and depending on XP earned in battle, you’ll level-up every 3 games. For players above level 375 and above, you’ll level-up every 10 games. Again, these numbers are dependant on XP earned in battle.

How can I speed up progress?

There are a number of different ways you can speed up your level progression:

  • Building and playing your own Robots in battle will give you more XP than downloading one from the Factory as they start at Mastery level 10 (Factory downloaded Robots start at level 1)
  • Playing League will reward you with bonus XP
  • Playing games in a party with friends will give you an XP bonus
  • Purchasing premium will give you 2x XP
  • BRAWLs will sometimes give additional XP when winning your first battle

I have a Carbon 6 Laser Leviathan but not a Laser Leviathan, will I lose access to the C6 variant as I don’t have the regular version?

No, for existing players we will automatically unlock the required ‘parent part’ so you can continue using the cosmetic version.

Does the Tech Tree impact the Factory?

In a small way it does yes; and so we’re making a few improvements to the Factory:

  • You’ll be able to see all Robots once more
  • You can filter out Robots that contain parts you haven’t unlocked on the Tech Tree
  • You can view but not download Robots that contain parts you haven’t unlocked on the Tech Tree

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