Major Update News Boost and Tease

Hello Robocrafters!

We have some pretty big news to share very shortly but first you may be wondering who on earth has hijacked the Robocraft announcements section.


I’ve been within the games Industry for around 16 years working across retail, content creation, publishing and development. It’s an honor to be a part of the studio and I’ll do my very best to help the team hear the communities voice to improve the game further.

Last week we revealed that we’ll be removing boosts from Robocraft to address some balancing issues, you can read the full details of this announcement by clicking the link below:

Boosts Removal Announcement

We were planning to launch these changes this week, however we are going to hold these back to release with RoboPass! A major update coming before Christmas.

Here’s one of the custom spawn effects that will be part of RoboPass:


Do stay tuned for next week as we’ll have some more news to share. Until then… Build, Drive, Fight!

ReelBigKris - Communications Manager

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