Infinity Update - OUT NOW!


After many months of hard work from our dedicated team, we’re incredibly happy to announce that the Infinity Update is out now. This free update for Robocraft brings with it many new features and improvements to your favourite Robo-building game.


Play the all-new Infinity Update!

The new Infinity Update includes:

  • Infinity Cube System - once you unlock a part on the Tech Tree or purchase a cosmetic, you can use it as many times as you like
  • Tiers have returned to Robocraft
  • New Tier 3 and Tier 4 Campaigns
  • New Custom mothership skins (purchasable from the Item Shop when in rotation)
  • More colors for all players - Premium players have 32 colors; free players have 10
  • New Ops room Tab
  • New Quickplay system - opt in or out of TDM and Battle Arena game modes
  • New Item Shop for cosmetic items and custom mothership skins
  • New Robot Ranking system tied to Tiers
  • Infinity Factory (CRF)
  • New Strut parts added to the game
  • New weapon projectile effects
  • New weapon projectile hit effects
  • Edit mode HUD updated to display shortcut commands
  • Robot voting system at the end of the battle
  • New ‘incomplete parts’ system that alerts a player when they only have the left version of something so they are less confused when using the mirror function in edit mode
  • HUD can be turned off in mothership and edit mode with ‘=’ button
  • New Feedback/Support/FAQ buttons
  • Improvements to matchmaking - players now matched by Robot Tier

For a full breakdown of what’s in the update Read the patch notes here.

Please note: As previously mentioned, the Infinity Update is Robocraft’s single biggest update. As such, players should expect some issues. By working with us and reporting issues and bugs through our support system, we can fix them as quickly as possible. You can report issues by contacting our support team at:

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