Community Balance Update Coming 24 01 2019

A community balance update will go live tomorrow!

Hello Robocrafters!

Tomorrow we’ll be pushing out a new update to Robocraft which features balancing changes suggested by YOU! Yes, YOU! Providing your responded to one of our community feedback threads on the official forum or within the Steam forums.

These feedback threads were very useful and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to send over comments on each weapon type with details on energy usage, fire rate, damage output and varying other factors. The changes we’ve made in response to this feedback will go live tomorrow at around midday UTC.

We’ll also have a new trailer, a plethora of bug fixes and some quality of life improvements coming in tomorrows update.

m_image To prepare Robocraft for these new changes we will need to enter maintenance at 10:00am UTC. The maintenance period will last approximately two hours.

I’ll be around to read feedback once the update goes live tomorrow. But until then! Build, Drive, Fight!


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