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Wheely Big Update – Out Now!


We’re filled up the gas and put pedal to the metal with our latest ‘Wheely Big’ Update that’s now live!. We’ve stripped the wheels back to their hubs and given them a much-needed re-work both in terms of how they perform and how they look. You can read more about the changes to wheels in our recent Dev Jam, but rest assured they are VERY FAST, VERY STABLE and VERY FUN!

In addition to the new and improved wheels, we’ve also added a new mini-LOML called the Stinger, and a new BRAWL, which is the first in a series of building challenge BRAWLs. But that’s not all as we’ve added a number of balance changes to existing parts, introduced a player buff for uneven teams and squashed some bugs too.

It ‘wheely’ is a big update!

Click here to read the full patch notes