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Website Revamp

Website Revamp

So you’re now looking at our new website. We spent some time upgrading the look and feel and adding some extra functionality such as the ‘User Showcase’.

Apologies to anyone who accessed the website yesterday as we had a problem with our web maintenance system and it meant that if you had previously logged in them you would have been able to access the site whilst it was still being worked on so you undoubtedly encountered a few issues.

We hope you enjoy the new site. Let us know if you see any issues with it by Contacting Freejam.


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  1. Samo says
    06/06/2013, 18:25

    Love it! its geting greater and greater 😉 keep it up!! oh well….i wasnt active this while but im coming back!

  2. Drachen Käse says
    05/06/2013, 02:13

    So slick, so cool, so…Robocraft.

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      06/06/2013, 08:26

      If we could have a comment of the week it would be yours – it brought tears to my eyes 🙂

  3. Endermanz says
    04/06/2013, 15:49

    I’m just gonna say…. Is it me or does only madattak, me, my friend and some other people play this game? I’m just saying, it should be WAY more popular.

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      04/06/2013, 15:58

      We are keeping the game low-profile on purpose, once we feel we got the game right, we will start to advertise it massively 🙂

      however just to let you know, it is not just the 3 of you: this month we had 1000 new users 😉

  4. madattak
    madattak says
    04/06/2013, 14:56

    Love it! Really professional and sleek, and a perfect fit for the game. P.S. Add Safari to picture pl0x.

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      04/06/2013, 15:59

      I want opera as well! 😀

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