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  • Improvements to CRF sorting algorithm to favour more recently uploaded Robots from active players
  • Changes to Game Mode order on play menu
  • NEW PLAYER LEVEL XP – For players with a low level, we have reduced the experience required to level-up.


  • Fixed a bug which made it possible to move under the map when blinking through the enemy base shield
  • Fixed an audio bug on Propellers, Hovers, Rotors and Thrusters
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some hotkeys from working on the Tech Tree and Quests screens
  • Fixed a bug which allowed some buttons to be pressed whilst the pause menu was displayed
  • Fixed a bug which permitted players to unfairly gain XP in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused the cosmetic seats to be displaced in some game modes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck on a screen when attempting to purchase Premium via the Battle Summary screen at the end of a League match
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Gold Developer Supporter Flag trail