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Vehicles Artbot Competition



If you’re a regular Robocraft player you’ll know that recently we gave wheels a much-needed major re-work – making them faster, more controllable and a whole lotta fun to use. The feedback from you, the community, has been great and we’re really happy you love the improvements our Wheel Big Update brought with it.

Keen to keep the wheel momentum rolling, we unleashed a new wheels-only BRAWL last week and we had a lot of fun playing both alongside and against you in our livestream last Friday.

Now we know you love the wheels in battle, we really want to see what you can build with them. So, for this Artbot Competition we’re tasking you with creating a ‘wheely good’ Robot. Just follow the brief below and upload a suitable wheel-based vehicle to the CRF and you could win a cool prize.

The Brief:

  • Design a wheel-based vehicle that fits into one of the following five categories:
    • Up to 500 CPU
    • 501 to 750 CPU
    • 751 – 1,000 CPU
    • 1,001 – 1,500 CPU
    • 1,501 – 2,000 CPU
  • All submissions must be able to move freely around the battlefield – wheels must be on the ground
  • Ensure your Robot vehicle’s name starts with DB16
  • Upload your entries to the CRF
  • You can submit more than one Robot

How to submit your entry:

Submitting your entry is really easy – all you need to do is upload it to the Community Robot Factory (CRF). To upload your entry:

  • Go to the garage bay view and select the robot you wish to upload
  • Ensure your Robot is named DB16 [plus your name for the robot]
  • Click the ‘upload robot’ button (the first button on the left next to your Robot’s CPU)
  • Make sure your Robot’s name is correct
  • Give it a description – tell us about the Robot.
  • Check the box to tell us you agree to the T&Cs
  • Finally click the ‘0 to upload button’

The Prizes:

Five winners will be chosen; each will receive either one week of premium membership or 25 protonium crates (which will be awarded if the winner has lifetime premium). In addition to this, an overall winner’s robot will become a ‘Featured Robot’ in the CRF (Community Robot Factory).

The Rules:

  • Follow the brief
  • Submissions must be your own work
  • All submissions must be able to move freely around the battlefield – wheels must be on the ground
  • You can submit as many Robots as you like, however will only be eligible to win one prize
  • Competition period: Monday June 19th 2017 – 23:59 (UTC+1) Sunday June 25th 2017
  • Entrants must design a Robot based on the given theme (the brief) during the competition period
  • The judges decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into over why one Robot was picked over another
  • Entrants must upload their robots to the CRF
  • The term DB16 must be included at the beginning of the Robot title when uploaded to the CRF
  • By entering the competition you grant Freejam permission to use your design in future promotional activity
  • HAVE FUN! (this is the most important rule)