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Vehicle Artbot Contest – The Winners Are…

Recently, we tasked you with creating awesome Robots using the newly-remodeled and reworked wheels in Robocraft. The brief was simple, build a wheel-based vehicle in one of five CPU ranges and upload it to the Community Robot Factory (CRF).

I have to say, you guys really did an amazing job with your Robots; we had over 1,500 Robots submitted during the competition period and the quality was simply outstanding. So much so that we’re picking a couple of extra winners as we were super-impressed with the builder’s skills. In the last category (1,501 – 2,000 CPU), we saw so many great submissions that we’re picking two winners from this category. We’re going to give a special award (and prize) to one builder for their outstanding contribution to the competition.

Below you’ll find the finalists for each of the five categories and the winner (or two winners in the case of the 1,501 – 2,000 CPU category)

All winners will receive either a week of premium or 25 Protonium crates (if they have lifetime premium already), and the overall winner’s Robot will be featured on the CRF.

To see all of the submissions, search the CRF for ‘DB16’.

Up to 500 CPU finalists:

  • DB16 Let’s Race – Ataribot
  • DB16 MiniBike NL – Nogard
  • DB16 Drag Racer – baconfreak99
  • DB16 Tron Scene – Vordum
  • DB16 F1 Racer – American180


Winner: DB16 Tron Scene by Vordum

501 to 750 CPU finalists:

  • DB16 LP – 6 Spyder – Wova43
  • DB16 trator Lindao XD – lwyzr
  • DB16 RoboRat – angjminer
  • DB16 ES-1 GT – SouliTk
  • DB16 SlipStream mk2 – FanciestBanana


Winner: DB16 SlipStream mk2 by FanciestBanana

751 – 1,000 CPU finalists:

  • DB16 Toy Tank – Emptyside
  • DB16 Type – P – IVIario
  • DB16 Mc-Queen – Zak-Z-Ninja
  • DB16 Old Train – TheEnderCow
  • DB16 Flippin F1 – chewybakker_3


Winner: DB16 Mc-Queen by Zak-Z-Ninja

1,001 – 1,500 CPU finalists:

  • DB16 Mini Cooper MkII – Micsso
  • DB16 The Rat – ragusta
  • DB16 TakeOff – McNugg2710
  • DB16 T-Bucket – moss972
  • DB16 MarioKart Yoshi – Snaika


Winner: DB16 T-Bucket by moss972

1,501 – 2,000 CPU finalists:

  • DB16 Project Car – Ndizel
  • DB16 MonsterTruck – DixkeyPL
  • DB16 Brum – Deputy_Spork
  • DB16 Protonite Racer – Nonamecfaft1
  • DB16 Cargo hauler – BlinkDrive
  • DB16 B&P Railroad – Slayer450
  • DB16 Hello kitty – DasVokul
  • DB16 Excavators – BeagleA
  • DB16 Escort – Prometheus_Robotics
  • DB16 F1 Mega Racer – Dplayer11


Winner 1: DB16 Escort by Prometheus_Robotics


Winner 2: DB16 F1 Mega Racer by Dplayer11

Overall Winner:


DB16 Escort by Prometheus_Robotics

Outstanding Contribution to the Competition Award:

For this special award, we wanted to reward and celebrate the outstanding work done by community member ‘Snaika’. As you can see from the shortlist above, their MarioKart Yoshi robot made it into one of the categories but they had uploaded a whole bunch of Mario Kart inspired Robots which made picking that particularly difficult. So, we decided to create a special additional prize just for them. Check out the great robots below.


Thanks as always to everyone that took time to participate in this and all of our other Artbot competitions.