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VBercik levels up to 100

I just had to post this monumental event – when a player actually hits level 100 in battle.

VBercik has definitely made a box gunbed but it is one of the best so we will give it some kudos – its mathematically perfect and well balanced in every way its like it was designed by a super computer: The guns are carefully spaced and raised for maximum visibility, the dropped section at the rear protects the forward thrusters, the hover blades recessed beautifully into the hull in the high position with just enough redundancy to take a few impacts. this is a top dog robot and a really powerful design !

I dare you to make a flyer with as much power ?




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  1. Mat900PL says
    18/02/2014, 18:54

    fear cie spotkac in the game as ce I will meet to bendziem to escape where to bake rosnie 😀 🙂

    • Mat900PL says
      18/02/2014, 18:55

      strach cie spotkac w grze jak ce spotkam do bendziem uciekać gdzie piec rosnie
      😀 😛

  2. syrok says
    18/02/2014, 07:48

    могут поставит ваншот сверху

  3. nazboz says
    17/02/2014, 10:48

    at least 3-4 people each game have this design XD

  4. neponatnaFigna says
    15/02/2014, 11:55

    too much lasers. fire rate stops growing up when you mount 6+ laser canons. because a half of canons are fixed on other flank you loses dpm(damage per minute). that’s why lasers usual mounts on bottom, where they don’t hinder each other.

  5. Mrepic1 says
    11/02/2014, 19:40

    Wow It’s really stable and I see Ric said it was mathematically perfect

    • Slicecycle99 says
      11/02/2014, 19:51

      hmm i don’t know it just goes slow in frame rate when i’m in a match some matches fine but most of them slow and it gets really slow in a battle i don’t know it might be the match lag connection because i seen allot of games that when the match gets ping everyone’s frame-rate just drops to 5, that’s a pain:P

      i don’t know i will have to check this out also i have put quality all the way down and it lags on some server:P i can survive it would be nice if you can look into this and i also researched into this problem i am having and everyone is saying on YouTube etc that lasers puts there frame rate in stress and puts it down it would be nice to have a bit of help with this problem it isn’t a big issue but its a bit annoying in a way:P

      i am also a game designer my self but i don’t have a game design job with any job what so ever i just got graduated for game design and in my opinion this game is awesome i like to see the game progress into the best 10 free games you can get.

      i like the progress and keep it up!

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