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Robocraft isn’t working since the new update

Please make sure TCP port 27015 is open as it’s necessary to use Easy Anti-Cheat.

We’re currently aware of a number of issues which may cause crashes or the inability to enter the game since the update.

These include:

  • Using a cracked (illegal) version of Windows – Fix: Don’t use a cracked version of Windows
  • Need administration rights – You will only need administration rights once. From then on you can play as non-administrator.
  • If your anti-virus is blocking Robocraft from installing or running – Fix: Here
  • Using Windows XP x64 – Unfortunately EAC doesn’t currently support XP x64, but EAC is planning on finding a solution.
  • Using Windows XP x32 – Please make sure you’re running Service Pack 3. EAC won’t work on earlier versions
  • Getting randomly kicked from the game – This is a bug which happens randomly to all users. We’re working on fixing it as soon as possible
  • Users getting ‘game file integrity mismatch’ error which triggers teddy bear and closes game client – We’re working on fixing it as soon as possible
  • Using Linux – We’ve had reports of some Linux users not being able to play. This is a bug we’re fixing, Robocraft still supports Linux.

If your problem isn’t mentioned above, please contact us here.

We’ll be updating this list as we find new issues.

When I try to log-in, it tells me my password is invalid even though I know it isn’t

Please contact us directly here.

Make sure to email us from the same email address you used to register your account.

We will re-set your password allowing you to login as part of a temporary fix while we resolve this issue fully.

I purchased some galaxy cash but my balance did not update right away

Robocraft uses a very reliable and secure 3rd party service (owned by Yahoo!) to manage all transactions for Galaxy Cash. It is not possible for your money to be taken without your balance of Galaxy Cash being added. We have secure and complete logs of all transactions and can verify the state of transactions at all stages so you can be assured, if you pay money to support Robocraft by buying Galaxy Cash, you will get your Galaxy Cash.

The service we use for these transactions can sometimes take a few seconds to update the balance and report it to our servers. On rare occasions this can take as long as 10 minutes, but this is very rare.

If ever you have any concerns about Galaxy Cash payments or transactions you have made, please contact Freejam directly and we will respond quickly (within 24 hours at the longest) via this Contact Form.

I get the error: “An error occurred while creating your account” when trying to register

Please refresh the page and try again in 5 minutes. If this does not solve the issue, then try using a different browser.

The human verification on registration doesn’t recognize a correct sum

Please try using CTRL-F5 to refresh the page. If refreshing the page doesn’t work, try registering using another browser.

I get the error: “GeneralError; Proxy CONNECT aborted” when trying to log in

This is an issue we are aware of and working on fixing. Please visit the following link where you’ll see a post about how to fix it: http://robocraftgame.com/forums/topic/generalerror-proxy-connect-aborted-help-thread/

I cannot connect, i see “connecting to server”…” but it never goes away

This issue can be caused by several things:

      • Some public place firewalls won’t allow the game connection. So do not be surprised if the game won’t work if you try to play at school for example
      • If you have a router, you need to check your settings; it’s possible your router is firewalling not standard ports that Robocraft uses.
      • If you have a software firewall (like Norton AV) you need to be sure that is allowing the game connection.
      • If you play behind a proxy, it is possible that the proxy does not allow the game port connection.

if you are 100% sure that your firewall/antivirus/router/proxy/vpn is not blocking the game ports, then you are one of the 5% of users that unluckily would not be able to play the game for the time being. The reason is that we use a 3rd party service for our cloud technology (which is owned by Yahoo!) and the issue is on their side.

 I get the error: “general error, cannot connect to the host” after I login

This usually means that your DNS cannot solve the address api.playerio.com. However some users reported that antivirus/firewall is the cause of this problem. We may suggest to change your DNS address to a google DNS (e.g.: after you checked your antivirus/firewall.

I get an error after the login

Our web service provider cannot guarantee a correct connection if you run behind proxy or firewalls. Proxies are usually the reason why this happens. You need to disable your proxy or change internet connection. Sometime it can be fault of the ISP too.

The game seems to take forever on ‘loading assets…’ after i login

Users that have had this issue have reported having two network cards in their PC and disabling one of them has fixed the issue. Other users reported the software Hamachi to be the cause of the problem, since it creates a second virtual network card.

I keep getting invalid password, what do i do?

This is a bug that we are aware of and are in the process of fixing. If you are sure that your password is correct, do not change it. However remember: the forum and the game accounts are still separated. Changing the forum password is not enough and it will not be reflected in game. In order to change the game password you need to click the “forgot password” button on the login page in game, after the username has been entered.

I cannot install the game, i always get launcher errors

We are aware that around 5% of our users cannot install the game. This is unluckily not our fault. HTTP protocol is not a totally reliable protocol therefore is possible, although it’s rare, that files are downloaded successfully but with the content differing from the original file. Our launcher always checks if the files are valid and if they are not, it will fail to install them. There are several reason why files can be downloaded corrupted, but most likely it happens because something goes wrong between our CDN servers and your client.

To solve this problem there are only 3 options:

1) Wait for our steam release and try to download the game through Steam
2) Use another internet connection, it’s very likely your internet connection to cause the problem
3) Wait for when our launcher will implement the torrent protocol. This, unfortunately, will not happen any time soon.

Having trouble logging into your forum account?

NOTE: You do not need to login to the website to play the game, to play, just load the game

If you are trying to log into the website to access the forums, so the following:

If you registered before 1st March 2014?

      • The only way to get a website \ forum account is to register again. This will create a new game account and a forum account at the same time. You can then continue using your old game account for the game and the new account for the forums.

If you registered after 1st March 2014?

      1. Please check your email for an activation email sent to you.
      2. Click on the “Confirm Email” button to complete your forum registration.
      3. You must have a validated email to access the game forums.

Don’t have the validation email from us?

      1. Please check your spam/junk folders as emails can be there.
      2. Click this link to resend the authorization email.

Help, my cubes are pink!

we currently do not support graphic cards that do not support Shader Model 3.0. We also know that some old cards that are supposed to support SM3.0 have issues with Robocraft. It’s in our plan to try to fix this issue.

I get an error saying “Outdated Version” when i run the game, even if i just updated it

There are two possible causes for this:

      • If you closed the launcher in the middle of an update. The solution is to install the launcher again. In doing this, the launcher will re-download the full game and you will be able to continue playing Robocraft.
      • If you are an long term user and used an old version of the Launcher and recently updated it. In this case what happens is that your old game is installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Robocraft\ while you new game is installed in C:\Games\Robocraft\. What happens is that the new launcher updates the game under C:\Games\Robocraft\ but when you hit your Robocraft shortcut it runs the old game in \Program Files. To solve it delete the version in \Program Files and make a short cut to the Robocraft.exe in C:\Games\Robocraft

My robot moves or turns on its own

Users who have gamepads or joysticks installed and attached to their computer have reported this issue. Some users have fixed the issue by unplugging the gamepad or joystick, others have fixed it by disabling the device driver for the gamepad or joystick. VJoy driver is usually the source of this problem and it must be uninstalled because it conflicts with Unity engine.

When i enter battle the countdown gets stuck on ‘?’ and the battle never begins

This normally happens when your router is blocking incoming ports from our battle servers (which is different than Robocloud). To fix the issue:

my game keep on freezing/disconnecting, what should I do?

Unity network system is not reliable as it should be. While we are investigating for solutions, you can try to change the MTU value in your router to 1492 if it’s set to a lower number. However users reported success using different numbers, so it’s totally subject to experimentation.

The game crashes when i ALT-TAB in full screen mode

Please try using Bordlerless mode (only works for steam users) Otherwise please open the Robocraft folder and make a shortcut of the Robocraft.exe file. Once this is done right click and go to properties on the shortcut. Where it says Target, please copy and paste this C:\Games\Robocraft\Robocraft.exe -popupwindow

When i log in i cant see any of my friends online or i can not add my friends to a platoon

This is a known bug that we are currently hard at work on. Just know that for the time being it is not an issue related to any specific accounts but to the whole friends/platoon system.

My issue is not listed here, now what do i do?

First check out the Technical Support forum. There are many posts from users having issues that may be similar to yours. Maybe if you post a new topic one of the Honorary Jammers may help you. If all else fails please feel free to contact us.