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The Garage is HERE!

The Garage is HERE!

Finally we have overcome a plethora of issues to bring you this massive new feature, build, save and load as many Robots as you like !!!


–          3 slots are Free to all users
–          Buy additional slots with Galaxy Cash
–          You inventory is shared between all slots, so if you use a L5 Laser Cannon in one Robot it will not be available for your other Robots
–          You can name you Robots in each bay which updates the graphics on the floor of the garage and later this will appear in the mothership too.
–          You can buy more Pilot seats in the Cube depot.
–          You are limited to one pilot seat per robot.


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  1. robolover756 says
    13/09/2013, 23:07

    not playing till u fix I LOST 100,000 COINS, ALL MY TO

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