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The Garage Countdown

The Garage Countdown

Yes, the Garage is coming.

It’s actually already fully functional and is in test now.

It’s a big change so we want to do a lot of testing on it before its release to make sure all your Robots get moved into the garage correctly and everything goes smoothly with its launch.

One of the major new features that comes with the Garage is the ability to ‘name’ your Robot. Your Robots name will soon appear in the player HUD above your enemies in battle so Ric can have “RicArtJammer | Thunder Barge” for example.

We’ll also be starting new users off with 3 different Robots as opposed to just 1 (i.e. one in each of the first three Garage Slots), so they get more of a feel for the game in the first 20 minutes.

This all comes with the introduction of the Robot ‘Tiers’ so that users know what ‘Tier’ they’ll be fighting in before they go into battle.

So, finally, sorry about the delays on the Garage, but it is almost here – we are very very close.


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  1. DiEless--main says
    08/09/2013, 22:03

    When do we get hover thrusters?

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      09/09/2013, 10:02

      Hover Thrusters are designed and we are bringing on an additional artist under Ric’s wing to help finalize the graphics for them. We’re still a few weeks away from their launch though i’m afraid.

  2. Neonixi says
    08/09/2013, 19:56

    YAY =D well im british so by the time i wake up i should be abled to do multiple designs instead of 1 then..new idea…delete….recreate..new idea…well u get the idea haha

  3. builderbrick says
    08/09/2013, 16:32

    May I ask how much longer?

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      08/09/2013, 19:14

      Garage is online and ready for your launchers to download. We just need to switch it to live, and initiate the new tiered multiplayer servers which will happen around 11am Monday UK time.

      • David95654 says
        09/09/2013, 08:37

        thanks just 1 and a half hours left YAY!!!!

  4. RoboNoob says
    08/09/2013, 13:53

    Looks good
    And yes I am a noob 😛

  5. Crazzyman456 says
    07/09/2013, 20:04

    So does all the robots stored in the garage bay share the same inventory?

    • builderbrick says
      08/09/2013, 05:39

      Yes they do every robots take from 1 inventory so if you have 1 part you can only use it on 1 robot.

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