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Test Firing the L5S-Type Plasma Cannon

Test Firing the L5S-Type Plasma Cannon

UPDATE: Plasma Cannons will release tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday 11th March) am UK time. The servers may be down for maintenance for up to 2 hours during this time as it is a large update.

So, with the launch of the awesome Plasma Cannons scheduled for early next week we wanted to drop out a blog post on the specs so you can start considering your strategy and Robot designs, so here goes:


  • Plasma Cannons fire projectiles of Plasma energy which are highly destructive to Robots
  • Plasma projectiles have a high velocity so have a very large range
  • Projectiles aimed at the right angle can travel from the team base to near the middle of the map
  • You need to aim above your target and need to judge the projectile velocity and gravity to get the distance of impact correct
  • You also need to ‘lead’ your target depending on how fast they are moving and how far away they are
  • NB: In our tests, hitting fliers with Plasma Cannons is difficult, hitting ground or hovering units is much easier
  • All Plasma Cannons on your Robot fire simultaneously (up to a maximum of 6)
  • Plasma projectiles explode on impact causing damage to everything within the blast radius
  • If the blast radii of multiple projectiles overlaps then you do combined damage to the cubes in the overlapped area
  • The fire rate decreases as you add more Plasma Cannons to your Robot, i.e. the opposite of Laser Cannons
  • The fire rate with just 1 Plasma Cannon is about 1 per second, with 6 Cannons it is 6 seconds in between shots
  • Hitting the floor near your target will still damage the target as long as they are within the blast radius
  • It is possible to hit multiple targets at once with one blast radius
  • The damage of the Plasma blast is more intense at the centre and weak at the edges
  • A direct hit of a few Plasma Cannon projectiles on a Robot of equal Tier can make a huge hole in the Robot and often destroy it
  • Direct hits are quite difficult and require more skill than the Laser Cannons
  • Turret rotation speed of the Plasma Cannon is very slow, up close a fast Robot with Laser Cannons or a fast flier can out manoeuvre your Plasma Turret
  • Plasma Cannons can only be Top-Mounted, they cannot be placed underneath or on the side of your Robot
  • You must choose either Laser Cannons or Plasma Cannons on your Robot, you cannot mix-and-match
  • If you team up with Robot with Laser Cannons you can have him go ahead and block the path of the incoming whilst you hang back and cause devastation with your Plasma Cannons, this pairing was quite effective in our tests
  • The Plasma Cannon has a custom cross hair which shows the recharge time
  • The recharge time is also audible, and you get a nice ‘clunk’ when they are ready to fire again

We made this quick video of us test firing it. Sorry it’s a crude video, but we just wanted to get something out there for you to see:



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  1. Deadpooll says
    19/03/2014, 00:15

    plasmas a so awesome i cant wait to get L5’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jtm20 says
    15/03/2014, 10:38

    o my god

  3. wuj11 says
    13/03/2014, 21:31

    is it powerful or something

  4. isaacmorrow says
    11/03/2014, 12:45

    Surely the update has been released already?

  5. zano187 says
    11/03/2014, 12:32


  6. sober667 says
    11/03/2014, 09:37

    2 hours before11 or after?

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