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Teleport Cooldown – Finish them !!

Teleport timer

After you have finished admiring my Jumping fast attack Robot you can can observe the teleport cooldown that will stop your enemies exiting the game mid battle and robbing you of those valuable kill points 🙂

–          NEW FEATURE: Teleport Cooldown. Player cannot teleport away whilst being shot at. When you’ve been shot you need to wait 10 seconds before you can teleport back to the Mothership. You also cannot teleport away in the first 10 seconds of arriving on Mars.
–          Mars map changes: More ramps down from cliffs, so you don’t need to try to drive off the cliff edges so much to get to the lower level, and some tweaks to the spawn points
–          Robot balance improved, so you should find taller Robots topple over less often
–          Robot Ranking’s changed, so you can build bigger Robots, players start with 3 at level 1 and go up to 15 at level 100 (was 2-10 before)
–          MAJOR BUG FIX: You were not getting enough RP from destroying Bots or Player Robots, this is fixed
–          MAJOR BUG FIX: Your RP’s earned in battle were not saving and passing through to the Mothership, this is fixed


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  1. rasesher95 says
    22/08/2013, 08:04

    it says outdated version

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      22/08/2013, 09:25

      did you re-install the launcher ? get a new launcher from the download menu at the top of this page

  2. rasesher95 says
    21/08/2013, 19:01

    how do I get on the game ric

  3. Witness the power of this fully functional ...MELON!! (Teaman22) says
    06/08/2013, 10:22

    *the *download *to

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