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In this hotfix we’ve added a new feature that will reward players with a number of pre-forged parts when they unlock them on the Tech Tree. The table below is a breakdown of what a player will receive when they unlock a part on the Tech Tree.


This will allow players to start building cool Robots without the need to forge a part first. The number of parts awarded to a player will depend on the rarity/type of the part unlocked on the Tech Tree.

This change applies to all accounts with parts on the Tech Tree still locked and has been added as a stop-gap while we continue to bring the infinity cube system over to Robocraft.

Alongside this addition we’ve added some new starter robots (Mecha Ranger, Deadly Dino, Gladiator and Warthog), opened up the Tank Track Warthog and the Front Laser Wasp on the Tech Tree as well as increased the starting inventory for new players:

  • 10,000 x each basic building cube (no change)
  • 10 x Mech Leg Spartan (+6)
  • 10 x Tank Track Warthog (+10)
  • 20 x Front Facing Laser Wasp (+20)
  • 20 x Top Laser Wasp (+10)