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Freejam have been working hard on finding a solution to the server instability suspected to be caused by a malicious attack on the Robocloud servers that have been seeing insane amounts of API calls which have been overloaded the servers and causing them to reboot.

To protect Robolcloud against this kind of overloading we have reworked the way the client accesses Robocloud. This involved several hundred lines of changes and has required a lot of testing on our side to ensure – as best we possibly can – a stable launch.


– Fixed a bug when Tank Tracks got destroyed and healed via Medics which caused the Centre of Mass and Mass to be wrong resulting in several issues such as ‘sinking into the floor’ or ‘feeling floaty’ or ‘changing the steering behaviour of the tanks’

– Fixed a bug preventing you from selling your Robots

– Improve the reliability of the award system, so you get your Kills, CPU damage, Scout rewards more reliably now

– Fixed scouting award not awarding the right person

– Fixed validation of the machine not validated at the right moment before to go in battle preventing ‘Placement Glitching’


As soon as we are happy that the servers are stable and that we have fixed the main issues we will:

– Issue a new Promo Code giving some cool stuff to all users (Paying and Non-Paying) for being so patient during the server issues

– Will give something extra to all paying users to help to reimburse lost time etc. due to outages.


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  1. monster_healer says
    08/01/2015, 18:59

    Когда уже распакуют эти подарки? а то поиграть хотел.

  2. XXdebastadorXX says
    08/01/2015, 18:35

    hola save tengo el siguien te problema
    general error couldn’t connect to host robocraft

    e reiniciado el módem desintalado el juego y nueva mente lo e instalado tambien
    e reiniciado la pc y nada.
    me ayudan porfabor que no me puedo perder este juego

  3. HeatDead says
    08/01/2015, 14:18

    Когда будут доступны сервера ?

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