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Supercharging Robocraft!

Supercharging Robocraft!

For around 4 weeks now Freejam have been working in the wings to add some HUGE optimizations to the game engine which will allow us to take Robocraft to the next level.

This new Supercharged Robocraft engine represents a lot of blood, sweat and tears and this Tech Demo video shows the result:


This new Robocraft engine with Turbo Boosters will:

  • Be launched in an update early next week
  • Eradicate lag for all users, even at the highest Tier, and even on the min spec PC
  • Allow us to increase the number of Robots in battle, aiming for 30 with 15 on each side, even at Tier 10

Following that launch we will move straight onto Plasma Cannons and won’t stop working on those until they are launched.


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  1. LORD_RIDDLE says
    01/03/2014, 06:30

    И когдаже они эта сделают? Мне надоело играть на минималке с 3-29 фпс

  2. 4321danila says
    25/02/2014, 16:32

    слушайте если у вас пишет Unknown User;The user does not exst нажмите в игре зарегистрироваться или Create Acaunt и там зарегистрируйтесь а ваши логин и пароль на сайте не пойдут

  3. Papamaanbeer says
    25/02/2014, 16:31

    ok i have update my version, when are the servers back online?,… (i cant wait!)

  4. 4321danila says
    25/02/2014, 16:23

    I is Russia

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