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Strike Now!

Strike Now!

Alright Robotcrafters! You’ve got your orders!
Takes these Three┬ádays of premium and give ’em hell!


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  1. nathanbr5 says
    08/07/2015, 19:22


  2. insomnia777 says
    08/07/2015, 08:32

    I would just like to say that even though I think the new “Prevent Over-Tiering” thing is good but I think you should tone it down a bit it’s getting way to easy to tier up. I was trying to make a good tier 5 copter class and I had a couple of tier 6 SMGs and I couldn’t put them on because I would immediately become tier 6. What if someone who was new to tier 5 unlocked that and found he couldn’t use it, I’m pretty sure he would be mad too because he spent all that time to get the tech tokens for it but he can’t use it because he isn’t ready for tier 6.

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