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The Story So Far


The Daily Robot – Issue #8:

This day, Emperor Fanelli angry at UG!


Robonews – Issue #16:

Today, our first look at the Intergalactic Treaty 1.8.526!


Robonews – Issue #15:

Today, the proto-seeker sees the light of day!


Robonews – Issue #14:

Today, more info on the new Lock On Missile Launcher!

Robonews – Issue #13:

Today, a new weapon against the enemies of the E14!


Robonews – Issue #12:

Today, pilot seat problem! CRF safety measures?! Five Minds in Unity!


Robonews – Issue #11:

Today, Davidsons grand reveal! Eternal Health?! The Decrees of Mandala!


The Daily Robot – Issue #6:

This day, first look on Mech Legs and the announcement of the Protonium Leagues!


The Daily Robot – Issue #5:

This day, Mech Legs brought into combat and leagues separate the strong from the weak!


The Daily Robot – Issue #4:

This day, paid training, never go hungry for RP again!


The Daily Robot – Issue #3:

This day, special secrets found hidden by the E14!


The Daily Robot – Issue #2:

This day, Lord Adsoy declares the return of The Pit! New compact Insta-Heal module!


The Daily Robot – Issue #1:

This day, E14 propaganda machine has been shut down!


Robonews – Issue #10:

Today, a sad loss for E14. Audio sample inside!


Robonews – Issue #9:

Today, the power of the Megaseat revealed! Fowler goes missing! Alignment Rectifier 2.0!


Robonews – Issue #8:

Today, E-14 on a full offensive! Neykov doubles production rates! First look at the Megabay!


Robonews – Issue #7:

Today, E14 weaponize their latest technology sure to shatter The CF’s confidence, and Professor Simmons’ miraculous survival thanks to E14’s great minds!


Robonews – Issue #6:

Today, The CF strengthens it’s front lines with a new threat, E14 declares a new remuneration package for their fallen comrades, and shouts of excitement spring from French robot pilots!


Robonews – Issue #5:

Today, Lieutenant Fowler shows his metal, Dr Dellinger’s battle to save our greatest scientist, and is Roboshield the answer we’ve been looking for?


Robonews – Issue #4:

Today, saddening first sight on Professor Simmons, The Emperor shows face for the first time in a long time, and strong words by Colonel Turner!


Robonews – Issue #3:

Today, treaty 0.7.853 being signed! The disappearance of Professor Simmons! And huge mechanized flies! Has science gone too far?!

PerpetumWorldRobonews – Issue #2:

Today, Professor Simmons temporarily regains consciousness! CF-Alliance deploy new combat robots! Global Gobstopper Corp. does it again!

PerpetumWorldRobonews – Issue #1:

Today, Professor Simmons’ terrible accident! Harsh words from Colonel Turner! Aggressive posturing by the CF-Alliance!