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Steam Achievements Out Now!


The Hunt Is On

Achievement noun: “a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.”

We know from chatting with many of our players that some of you feel that Robocraft lacks a sense of achievement outside of seeing your username at the top of the end-of-battle leaderboard or the unlocking of a Protonium League badge. Well, this week we added Steam Achievements for Robocraft!

We’ve added 43 different achievements that can be unlocked through regular play of Robocraft. Please note that achievements can only be unlocked if you’re running the game through the Steam Client and not the Robocraft Client.

Want to know what achievements you can unlock? Check out the full list below.

  • Shredder!!! – Get 25 kills with the Chain weapons.
  • The Bees! – Get 25 kills with ProtoSeeker
  • Hugs! – Get 25 kills with Tesla Blades
  • Points of Light – Get 25 kills with Lasers
  • Magnetic Personality – Get 25 kills with Rails
  • I’ve got tone! – Get 25 kills with Missiles
  • Burn Therapy – Get 25 kills with Plasma
  • Bring the Pain – Get 25 kills with Ion weaponry
  • Fly Swatter – Get 25 kills with the Aeroflak
  • Shield Wall – Use your Disc Shield Module five times in one battle
  • Disappearing Act – Use the Ghost Module five times in one battle
  • Lights Out! – Use the EMP Module five times in one battle
  • Energize! – Use the Blink Module five times in one battle
  • Power Up! – Use the Weapon Energy module five times in battle
  • Open Window – Use the Windowmaker module five times in one battle
  • Protonium Miner – Capture 20 control points
  • Party Animal – Win 5 battles with a full party
  • Sneaky, Sneaky – Get a kill with Tesla Blades within two seconds of de-cloaking
  • Surgeon General – Heal an ally at 20% health to 100% health 20 times
  • Bronze League – Earn a bronze ranking in League
  • Silver League – Earn a Silver Ranking in League
  • Gold League – Earn a Gold Ranking in League
  • Diamond League – Earn a Diamond Ranking in League
  • Protonium League – Earn a Protonium Ranking in League
  • Hurt Locker – Fight your first ranked battle
  • Doctor – Heal an ally at 20% health to full health
  • Mr. Popularity – Earn robits via the CRF 100 times
  • Power Shopper – Gain mastery level 10 on a robot purchased from the CRF
  • I Got This – Complete the Tutorial
  • Get to the Choppa! – Play 25 games with a robot with Rotors
  • Walk this Way – Play 25 games with a robot with Mech Legs
  • Scuttle Time! – Play 25 games with a robot with Insect Legs
  • Fly the Friendly Skies – Play 25 games with a robot with Wings or Rudders
  • Keep on Truckin’ – Play 25 games with a robot with Wheels
  • Armored Cavalry – Play 25 games with a robot with Tracks
  • Such a Fan! – Play 25 games with a robot with Hovers
  • Skeeter Beater – Kill 25 robots with Rotors
  • Sweep the Knee! – Kill 25 robots with Mech Legs
  • Burn it with Fire! – Kill 25 robots with Insect Legs
  • Wing Clipper – Kill 25 robots with Wings or Rudders
  • Flat Tire – Kill 25 robots with Wheels
  • Tank Killer – Kill 25 robots with Tracks
  • Hitting the Fan – Kill 25 robots with Hovers

Please note that some player activity data has been set at zero. This means that if you’ve completed the tutorial in the past, you’ll need to complete it again to unlock the “I Got This” achievement. The only exceptions to this are the League Achievements; if you’re already at Diamond League, you’ll automatically receive the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond League achievements after you’ve completed a League match.