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Spectator Mode, New Tech Tree and new HUD Goodies

Spectator Mode,  New Tech Tree and new HUD Goodies

Time to watch as your team storms to victory (or crushing defeat) with the new spectator mode!! The Tech tree has also been completely revamped!! all those pretty hexagons to click and unlock!!!


There are a number of changes with this most recent patch, some of the major ones being the changes to the layout of the Tech Tree, the introduction of spectator mode and the addition of new HUD information, make sure you check them all out!!!

There have also been some Bug fixes and some changes to the SMG, Plasma Cannons and Rails. You can see a more detailed list of the changes below!


  • New Hexagonal progression on the Tech Tree
  • Spectator Mode, so you can watch how the battle plays out after you died
  • Added a % CPU indicator on the enemy ID HUD, this shows % of remaining CPU
  • Show the amount of damage you are doing with each hit. NB: If a large chunk of enemy falls off with a single hit, the damage shown is more
  • Player health indicator shown in the HUD when you are hit by an enemy
  • Full Screen effect added to help show you when you are taking damage
  • Added a ‘successful hit’ indicator onto the cross hair, so you know when you hit an enemy


  • Remove the ‘double shot’ on first shot, to reduce DPS when the weapon is most accurate
  • Ensured that tapping the fire button gives the same degradation of accuracy as holding down the trigger
  • Increased the amount that damaged is reduced at long range, so SMG’s do less damage at long range


  • Added a non-linear charge up time for each additional weapon
  • Fixed sound sound issues so that you hear all of the weapons charge and fire more reliably
  • Fixed a bug which meant that last weeks increase to the time it took to overheat made no difference
  • So the Rail Cannon now takes 5 seconds to overheat as opposed to 2 seconds

Plasma Cannon

  • Fixed a bug which meant any blast damage outside of 2 world units would not do damage
  • So we decreased the blast radius a bit as this would likely make Plasma OP
  • You should still see a noticeable improvement in how effective Plasma is as an area effect weapon

Other Changes

  • Aim Mode camera height increased, so it sits higher above the Pilot Seat by default
  • Culling changed to ‘Spherical Culling’ removing the issue of being able to see more at the edges of the screen
  • Fog distance and Robot render distance is now the same, so if you can see the enemy in the sky, they can also see you
  • Sounds when you hit enemies successfully have been boosted, to give you better feedback for when you hit or miss
  • Decreased size of Ice Map by 20%, and added some more cover
  • Fixed a bug when selling cubes that could allow you to generate free RP by following a certain set of steps

HOT FIX – 0.6.708

– Friend list clipping fixes
– Friends list drop down no longer stays on screen when used
– Hex Tree info box displays on items that are available to be unlocked
– Hex Tree load time improved
– Health bars changed to show ‘health’ as opposed to ‘CPU’
– Bravery Bonus is now correctly displayed in bonus screen, even when you quit Spectator Mode
– Teleport Countdown does not prevent you from exiting Spectator Mode
– Crosshair removed when in Spectator Mode
– Reduce the long period of time you have to wait at the end of a battle, before teleporting back to Mothership
– Added a small delay after you die, before you enter Spectator Mode of a couple of seconds, so it’s less confusing
– Added a small fade when you transition to Spectator Mode
– Reduced the max ceiling of all levels to the clipping plane. We don’t want users just flying way up into the sky, beyond the clipping plane, griefing users on the ground. We want a fair fight for everyone
– Reduced the recoil on the SMG, so that fliers using SMG can control the fire a lot better, and to reduce the amount of gun-chairs in game


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  1. MustHaveMoolah says
    30/05/2014, 21:43

    i like the new additions as well but the layout of the armor is a bit strange. i have to go through some higher level armor to get to the lower level stuff. that should not happen. it is nice to avoid stuff you dont want but i have to go through tier 8 tetras to get to tier 7 blocks.

    i also think the railguns need to be a little toned down or much heavier. i play plasma mainly and i get one-shoted every time by high-flying death satilites. they are becoming so numerous that the plasma is getting pretty useless. i cant hit a flying platform thats at the edge of my vision right above me. the drop-off makes the satilites imposible to hit. occasionaly i get lucky but 1 in a thousand isnt enough to take any down. i think that there shoud be some way for plasma to fight back against these space snipers. maybe a flak effect or something that detonates as it gets near.

    also, matchmaking has some issues where i, being a tier 4, gets stuck with all tier 6s and 7s. i know matchmaking can be kinda slow sometimes but please dont make me screwed and alone. at least givce me a buddy or something so we can be screwed but not alone (that was a fun sentence to phrase). but better yet could you try to refrain it so i can stay within 2 or 3 tiers of my robot. it’s really hard to earn rp when you dont last 2 seconds.

  2. PREDATORxXxGERxXx says
    25/05/2014, 03:01

    1. I think that this techtree is better than last one, because I can see all in Techs in one and I have more than one way to research a new Armor or Laser because I have something nearby already researched.

    2. And for the players who dont know where the “Steering Wheels” are here a Tip “ST” means Steering Wheels just open your eyes before criticise.

    3. Way to go!

    Sorry for my english if there are some mistakes.

    MfG Preds

  3. HolyAryan says
    23/05/2014, 20:16

    @RocheLimit – how so? dont they both have the same armor rating?

  4. goodiesohhi (Forum) says
    23/05/2014, 19:35

    Also You have to dump 108 tp on lv7 inner just so you can get lv 7 armour……

  5. TouhouTorpedo says
    23/05/2014, 19:26

    New techtree is a bit aweful, if I’m honest. No real logic to how this is working and the cubes are all over the place. And as above, the unpowered steering wheels are missing … or just that hard to find no one has seen them yet.

  6. GlabarPL says
    23/05/2014, 14:53

    This tech tree is very bad. Hard to find something.
    I had yellow cubes only, now i can resereach black cubes, its good for me but… new players can faster resereach black cubes, faster than older players…

    Sorry for my english 😉
    I think you should do better tech tree and increase money from battles.
    Or you can set smaller prices for cubes/guns/radars/hovers etc.

    • battle00333 says
      23/05/2014, 16:57

      even they can get black armor right away, it costs 500 TP for the armor alone aswell as 5-6k for a single piece, and adding it to a low tier bot rockets its ranking up into the higher tiers which makes it impossible to play in that tier since they probably dont have gear fit for said tier. for instance Ive had a tier 6 with 1 L1-S railgun, 4 L1-S hoverblades and an L3 Radar, the L3 radar alone got me to tier 6. so you see how them getting black cubes right away is not a big issue

  7. Sionix says
    23/05/2014, 12:57

    i like the new editions exept 3 things:

    1. The Tech Tree its extremly hard to find the things you are looking for.
    2. In my opinion is not the best edition that the names of your enemys get shown as soon as you see them. I think it is better that you have to drive close to them (perhaps half of the distance from the current?) to see their names.
    3. Where are the Steering Wheels? Because i actually found a use for them to build a car that benefits from thrusters. So you can build hight speed car. Normal wheels slow you down if you try to do the same thing.

    Ps: sorry for my bad english but i hope you understood what i wanted to tell you.

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