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Spaceship Yamato by Cobalt

Spaceship Yamato by Cobalt

This is has to be the best Ship i have seen so far in Robocraft – its majestic as it rides the sand dunes of Mars like an heaving ocean swell, sure its not fast, nor is it particularly agile but you can forgive all that just to marvel at the bizzare spectacle of a battleship on the war torn frontiers of Mars 🙂

Cobalt – please please make more machines and video them in multi-player battles 🙂




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  1. kondi213 says
    09/02/2014, 17:26

    yamato hussin

  2. Krutus says
    08/02/2014, 18:26

    Wait to Kuzkin Mat
    postscript Varyag

    • Telo says
      08/02/2014, 18:45

      Kuzkin mat eboshit 50 megatonn

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