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Sneak Peak @ Robot Name Cube

Sneak Peak @ Robot Name Cube

“Eat My Dust!”, “I LUV GUNBEDS”, “Heeeelllpppp Meeee”, “私はロボットが大好き”, “Я люблю роботов”, “Kocham roboty” are all things you may see on the side of Robots after the next release. Probably just before you see them explode at the end of a perfect Plasma shot 🙂

Releasing early this week (probably tomorrow) this new cube allow you to display your Robot name on the side of your Robot.  Simply type the name of your Robot in the Garage and it will appear on the side of this cube.

Some details:

  • Put as many of these on your Robot as your CPU will allow if you like (CPU load will be 10 pFLOPS)
  • Will display name in extended european alphabet, Cyrillic and Kanji
  • Name will be displayed to all other Robots online and in the mothership


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  1. iShark says
    06/04/2014, 06:56

    why cant i make robots like that :3

  2. Incinerator says
    04/04/2014, 20:22

    I just really wanna know the blueprints for that robot!

  3. Rockjaws says
    03/04/2014, 11:25

    That looks… Awsome!

  4. beamsurfer17 says
    31/03/2014, 16:47

    make it so we can buy it with rp and ill be happy

    • Revengefull_Trout says
      06/04/2014, 16:50

      Or just buy GC And Spend atleast a little money for This Epicly Awesome game wich is FREE. And the makers being really loyal to their fans. Might be a good idea to atleast give them something back.

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