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Sneak peak @ Friends and new Chat

Sneak peak @ Friends and new Chat

Friendship is born at that moment when one man turns to another and says… [C.S.Lewis]

…derp, aaassssddddwwwww, s***, guuunnnnnbeeeddd!!! [Freejam]

This is a ‘Sneak Peak’ at the new Friends system and the new Chat Widget launching next week Monday or Tuesday (if everything goes to plan).


  • Invite up to 100 Friends in your list
  • See when friends are online
  • Click the arrow to Add to Platoon, or starts a one-to-one chat with them

New Chat Widget


  • Now supports all alphabets including extended european, Cyrillic and Kanji
  • Has separate tabs for Global, Clans, Platoons, and 3 one-to-one friend chat rooms
  • Global will be with everyone in the Mothership in your language
  • Clan will be greyed out with this next launch, but is there ready for when Clans exists, and will allow you to chat to your Clan
  • Platoon allows you to chat with your Platoon at all times, in battle or in Mothership, even when one is in battle and the other is not
  • 3 x one-to-one friend rooms
  • Invite a friends to chat from the Friends menu, or via a /w ‘whisper’ command
  • You can have up to 3 one-to-one conversations in separate rooms all at the same time
  • All chat rooms are live at the same time, and the tab will flash when there is new content there for you to read
  • TAB and SHIFT TAB to go forwards and back on the chat tabs
  • Shortcut keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for short cuts to each tab respectively


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  1. Tribal says
    24/03/2014, 13:15

    they grind like mofo with “most efficient” bot and then say “i ve hitted 100 i m out” … yea ! nice!
    players arn’t helping to make this game any more interesting..

    it s a “game “, it s meant to have fun, people take it too much seriously then complain they don’t win anything… good boi! they will give you achievements, so your narrow mind and ego trip will be recognized worldwide,you will be able to posst on FB how you reach lv 100 with 4 robot that others show you how to build.

    i am a bit harsh, but eveyone always blaming dev team, and never questionning what is the role of players,and how it s players who make a game fun, ultra competitive, relax or full of hate…
    When the game turn into grind fest, it s not someone else fault!

  2. FBI_Zorro says
    24/03/2014, 04:00

    5 minutes to wait for entering the battle
    15 seconds Loading
    30 seconds of gameplay, death with one hit
    2 minute recovery

    I hate this game

    • CountChocula says
      24/03/2014, 10:56

      then leave, or git gud

  3. Artanis199 says
    23/03/2014, 08:56

    Please, make that we can PvP with friend! It will be VERY interesting!

  4. FBI_Zorro says
    22/03/2014, 11:46

    Long and hard, I played the game, raised his level, saving money, building more your ship.
    And now I have reached lvl 100 (1511 CPU)
    What was my disappointment when, after a few fights I noticed that the level is no longer growing. Is that all? End? No more goals? Not increase CPU? MEGAtank not build?

    Developers, you killed all interest in the game. Now you just delete it and forget it.

    • FBI_Zorro says
      22/03/2014, 11:50

      If the next upgrade you unlock progress above 100 level, I delete the game.

      • 22/03/2014, 12:09

        We are aware of the problem, but remember that we are just 5. If you delete it, just check regularly every week, we add always something new.

    • Warlock says
      22/03/2014, 20:40

      Yeap , i agree))) i get lv 100 and…thats all falks))) not intresting. Plasma was good, till it nerf

    • lwardogl says
      23/03/2014, 04:17

      You have only just hit 100 and you’re upset really o.o if your only interest in this game is leveling up create a new account.

  5. Robowar says
    22/03/2014, 10:20

    Hooray 🙂 *party*

  6. cezari says
    22/03/2014, 08:12


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