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Sneak peak at Aim Mode

Sneak peak at Aim Mode

Right-click, take aim, and with pin point accuracy – TEAR THIER ROBOFACE OFF! 😉

This is a sneak preview of the new camera and aim mode releasing Monday or Tuesday next week (assuming all goes to plan and Bri doesn’t cut any more of his hair off).

Here’s a vid from our channel:



  • Hold right mouse button to enter aim mode
  • Release right mouse button to exit
  • Your Robot is hidden when in this mode
  • You have more zoom
  • You have a longer draw distance
  • You have adrenaline pumping into your trigger finger as you take aim and POW!


  • 5 stages of zoom
  • Mouse wheel all the way out to get a full view of your Robot, great for showing your Robot off in screenies or YouTube vids etc.
  • Mouse wheel all the way in and get a close view without your Robot being in the way of the cross hair
  • Elevation above the Robot is now different depending on how zoomed in \ out you are so your Robot is not in the way of the cross hair


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  1. MUTANT says
    02/04/2014, 03:28

    Заебись так то

  2. baloneyjustice@gmail.com says
    24/03/2014, 02:20

    Wow this is great, you fix a huge problem for game play with this. I might even start using the Nerfed Plasma cannons if this works as well as intended. High fives for the awesome team of five!

  3. jojocratemanse says
    22/03/2014, 14:10

    Can’t wait to try it!!

  4. mixa13245 says
    22/03/2014, 10:49


  5. Deadpooll says
    22/03/2014, 05:16

    yerh awesome!

  6. Red1701 says
    21/03/2014, 19:51

    Plasma cannons will have a purpose to me now!

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