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Self Destruct Update

Self Destruct Update

Thanks to the Robocraft community for the amazing feedback. The Repair\Damage system changes were big changes, so thank you for taking them so well, and thanks so many of you the constructive and detailed feedback.

In response to some of the feedback we’ve made a bunch of changes in today’s release aimed at making the game combat fairer.

Self Destruct

  • Quitting battle will result in a self-destruct that will damage 50% of your Robot. This is designed to discourage users who quit when enemies are approaching, which many have been frustrated by
  • Self-destruct will still award the full Bravery Bonus as long as you have been in battle for more than 2.5 minutes, so at T1-4 you will always be able to afford the repair of your Robot


Bonuses Changes

  • Victory Bonus increased by 20%, Bravery Bonus decreased by less than 10%, increasing the reward for Victory vs. Defeat
  • Base Capture bonus decreased, Base Defence bonus massively increased
  • Average earnings overall increased
  • We will post tables showing the changes in the release notes and on the forums for discussion


Tiering Up

  • This has been an exploit for a while, users putting extra cubes on the floor, but not connected to the Robot, in order to increase their Tier
  • Now, any cubes not connected to your Pilot Seat will be returned to your inventory before battle and the Tier recalculated, you will be warned if this happens and can cancel in case it is not intentional


Gunbed Changes

    • Please note, we do not expect these changes to ‘fix’ gunbeds, but we do expect them to make gunbed related design choices more challenging
    • CPU of weapons now increases at 2 points per Tier, so at T10 1 x weapon = 30 Chassis cubes, this is designed to reduce the number of guns on Robots
    • CPU of Wheels has been increased to match that of Hover Blades
    • Wheels will now travel at 50% speed when over encumbered (as opposed to 75% speed before), so large flatbeds of guns will move more slowly and will need to reduce weight, or add more wheels to maintain maximum velocity
    • Robot Ranking was increased to match the increases in CPU


  • Please note: Changes to your Robot will not save until you reduce the Robot to below the MaxCPU limit


  • There will be a grace period of 1 week where Robots that are now over CPU limit can still enter battle so that there is time to modify the Robots to fit within limits


SMG changes

  • SMG accuracy was bugged, so users were getting full 100% accuracy by tapping, this bug has been fixed so accuracy now degrades properly – meaning SMG will be less accurate overall
  • SMG Damage at longer range has been increased and is now 75% of full damage, with the accuracy loss at long range also lowering the overall DPS to less than 30% on average


Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug that meant that if you had Auto-Repair ticked you paid 2x repair costs
  • Fixed a bug which caused users to sometimes get the wrong Tier rewards at the end of battle
  • Pushing ESC in Spectator mode or in Practice mode will put to back in mothership, without a confirmation dialogue, which saves a mouse click
  • Steam code added, ready for Early Access launch review by Valve
  • Sell Robot button is now greyed out if your bay is empty (would have caused a crash before)
  • Selling a robot with Cosmetic cubes on will not sell the Cosmetic cubes and will instead return them to your inventory
  • We have optimized the servers at Amazon, so we have increased the number of Robots in battle, at all Tiers
  • Hover Blade hover height increased, especially for high tier
  • Hover Blade armor buffed by 50%


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  1. Dragon352 says
    16/07/2014, 06:21

    I think the game should (dont know how hard this would be to code … but… it will likely fix the repair/unbalanced gameplay problem) keep track of who gave you what damage.. or at least who destroyed you. and if they are higher tier. the repairs are lessened

  2. KanadeWhiteAngel says
    08/07/2014, 05:42


    1- Everyone is affraid to attack or defend because they don’t want to get destroyed and pay to repair (I guess this is the reason).
    2- As my team is always affraid on fighting I always end being alone in the team, always I get noobs in my team.
    3- As the players are decreasing, I start to play with 2 higher tier teams.
    4- Playing alone agaist the 2 tier higher gay plasma is impossible than I get destroyed and have waste.
    5- As I have waste, I ain’t motivated to play the freaking game, but this game is amazing but something is making it lose players.

    I love this game guys, I think I have more than 50 hours in less then 2 weeks but for real, it is starting to be hard to keep playing it :/

  3. KanadeWhiteAngel says
    08/07/2014, 05:33

    I am starting to undestand why this game is losing players :/

    IT IS impossible to play agaist 2 higher tier team.

  4. KanadeWhiteAngel says
    08/07/2014, 05:31

    Well, you guys will have to do something with the game as the players are decreasing, at least at dawn.

    It is almost impossible to play waiting 3 min per game.

    And do something with the balance too, no fair going alone in a 8 tier battle with a 6 tier ship to just be destroyed immediately by the stupid Plasma cannons and waste more money repairing because of the unbalanced games.

  5. SkatingSnack says
    08/07/2014, 00:51

    LOVE THE NEW UP DATE KEEP IT UP i have started playing agaen

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