Tech Tree Update – Out Now!


Today, June 19th 2018, we released Phase 2 in our series of planned updates to add new content and progression into Robocraft, and remove all loot crates from the game. This major update sees the welcome return of the Tech Tree to Robocraft, a new battle rewards system, improved Robot Factory, and the removal of ALL crates from the game. Alongside these big changes to your favourite Robot building and battling game we have made levelling-up quicker, improved scoring in battle, tweaked the balance on some parts, and fixed a few bugs too.



  • Tech Tree – a new progression path for players in Robocraft. Unlocking parts with Tech Points, earned through levelling up, grants players access to parts that can then be forged and placed on Robots. For more information on the Tech Tree, read our FAQ.
  • Tech Points – Tech Points are used to unlock parts on the Tech Tree. Players will receive 1x Tech Point for each level up to and including level 343 as this is the amount of Tech Points required to unlock everything on the Tech Tree.
  • Robit rewards for battle – Players will now receive Robit rewards for completing battles; this is proportional to their performance in battle. Perform well and you’ll receive more Robits.
  • All salvage reward crates have now been removed from Robocraft. Players will no longer see, receive or are able to purchase any Salvage Reward crates in Robocraft. These have been replaced by Robit rewards for battle performance, Tech Points and Daily Quests.


  • Faster player levelling – In order to reduce player grind, we have increased the speed at which players up to level 375 level up. Depending on XP earned in battle, players level 1-10 will earn a level-up every 1-2 games. For players up to level 375, and depending on XP earned in battle, you’ll level-up every 3 games. For players above level 375 and above, you’ll level-up every 10 games. Again, these numbers are dependent on XP earned in battle.
  • Changes to the starter inventory for new players – A basic inventory of Robot Mech Leg Spartans and Laser Wasp Weapons are awarded to new players to enable them to start building quickly.
  • Community Robot Factory (CRF) improvements – ‘All Robots’ regardless of parts unlocked on the Tech Tree will now be seen by all players on the CRF. Robots that a player can use, as they have the required parts unlocked on the Tech Tree, are differentiated by colour from those that cannot be used. Players can also chose to hide Robots that cannot use via a checkbox on the left-side of the CRF screen.This checkbox is turned on by default; uncheck it to see all Robots.
  • 1024 x 768 minimum resolution supported – Players at 800 x 600 resolution can still play at this resolution, but may experience a reduction in game quality.
  • Performance improvements to Earth maps containing trees


  • Scoring – The following changes have been made to the scoring system:
    • Healing score increased by 50%
    • Mining point capture score increased by 50%
    • Score in Play vs AI mode reduced by 30%
    • Scores in Battle Arena, League Arena, Team Deathmatch and Elimination modes increased by 30%
  • Thrusters – Thrusters have had their speed boost amounts reworked to bring the larger versions back in line.
    • Lynx : 0.5% down from 0.55%
    • Panther: 1% down from 1.009%
    • Leopard: 1.75% (No change.)
    • Puma: 2.4% down from 3%
    • Cheetah: 3.6% down from 5%
  • Gyro Mortar – Energy consumption increased by 25%
  • Plasma – Plasma has had a slight rework to bring it closer to the way classic volley Plasma worked. All tiers of plasma now have the same energy cost and fire rate with varying damage values. This excludes the Mega Plasma which has higher damage and energy cost.
    • Projectile speed reduced by 50%
    • Fire rate increased by 75%
    • Energy Consumption increased slightly
  • Nanos – As well as an increase to the score they give when using them, Nanos are also receiving a slight buff:
    • Binder – projectile speed increased from 66 up to 68
    • Mender – Projectile speed increased from 66 up to 68 and energy consumption reduced by 5%
    • Constructor – Projectile speed increased from 66 up to 68 and energy consumption reduced by 5%


  • Fixed a bug which prevented Plasma and Gyro Mortar weapon projectile splash from dealing damage to reactor crystals
  • Fixed a bug which caused audio playback issues on the control remapping menu
  • The muzzle flash on the Laser Leviathan Carbon 6 has been realigned
  • Fixed a line of missing cubes on the back portion of Body Builder ‘Breacher’ chassis
  • Corrected the Russian translation of the [MOD] tag in-game
  • Corrected the order of the Forge and Recycle buttons in build mode
  • If you change your resolution via the settings menu in game, the mouse-over colliders on the top-navigation bar will no longer be offset, making it easier to click
  • Renamed the hotkey label for buying Cosmetic Credits
  • Fixed a bug which caused the ‘Clan Play’ Quest to throw an error if you finished a match while you are not in a clan, but in a party
  • Fixed a bug that did not remove you from a Custom Game if you closed the game client


  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from re-spawning if destroyed in battle
  • Re-balanced scoring and player progression as players were leveling up faster than intended

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