Rise Up the Ranks - Major update live!

Weapon ranking, leaderboards, weapon & movement balancing. The first major update for Robocraft in 2019!

Hello Robocrafters!

A massive update has just gone live to Robocraft! The team have been working on a new feature which will provide greater progression across all weapon types! That feature is called Weapon Ranking!

Weapon Ranking


As you deal damage (or heal) in matches, your gun will earn XP. Let’s say you have a robot equipped with lasers and nano’s. If you spend all of your time dealing damage with lasers, the XP you earn in game will be given exclusively to that weapon. If you ONLY used nano’s, then you would only receive experience for your nano weapon.


However, if you deal damage and heal at the same time, the amount of XP that you’ll earn will be split between the two respective on much damage or healing you caused with each weapon. So if you spent a lot of time dealing damage and only a little time healing, then you’ll gain a significant amount of XP for the damage dealing weapon compared to the healing based weapon.

Level up!

Once you have filled the XP bar for a weapon, you’ll be able to spend Robits to level up that weapon! There are ten levels to progress through for over 30 weapons which means there are 300 opportunities to level up your arsenal! The weapons level will be shown in your inventory.


But you will upgrade your weapons from the weapons tab on the home screen.


But what happens once you level up a weapon? They will increase in firepower! It will take a significant amount of time to level up a weapon completely and there are over 30 weapons to upgrade!


Players will also be able to compete against any other player via the new leaderboard system. You can also filter this information by friends list or region! we’re going to be tracking core data to celebrate the top players and clans in Robocraft. The leaderboards will track two core factors in game. Player Rank and Weapon Rank.

Weapon Rank Explained:

Weapons will now have their own individual matchmaking rating. This means that the more you use a weapon and win battles, the higher your weapon rank will increase. There will be 5 main ranks to progress through starting from Bronze and moving through Silver, Gold, Diamond and ultimately Protonium.

Each main rank will have 5 sub ranks to progress through before you are able to rank up to the next main rank. This means in total there will be 24 opportunities to rank up across each weapon. Putting this into greater perspective, there will be over 30 weapons which will have their own weapon rank and this means there will be at least 750 sub ranks for you to progress through!

How Does Winning And Losing Affect My Weapon Rank?

The amount of weapon ranking points that you will earn or lose is dependant on that weapon’s current weapon rank. To start it will be easy to climb through the ranks, but over time it will be tougher to increase your weapon rank. Below are the points you’ll earn for winning and losing for each rank.


To show the epic scale of this weapon progression ranking, in order to reach maximum rank for ALL weapons in game you would need to play over 4,000 games and never lose a single match.

Be the best

With this new Weapon ranking system we are hoping to see players refine their skills and talents to become the best with their favorite weapon! But we’re also hoping the allure of ranking up other types of weapons will provide players with a greater reason to try other weapon types.

Play the new update now!

The update is now live! Go ahead and play it via our official launcher or via Steam! We can;t wait to see what you guys think of the new additions and changes.

Below is a full patch note list for this update


  • Allow Player name changes in account settings (website)
  • Weapon upgrades
  • Leaderboards
  • AI Support for Nano, Chainguns & Rotors
  • 6th Birthday Holoflag added to the Item Store for 0 Robits


  • Daily Quest balancing - All daily quests now offer double the Robits and EXP for both Premium and standard users
  • Parties are no longer required to use the same Tier of robot
  • Loadout slots reduced from 5 to 3. Existing robots with 5 weapon loadout slots will stay in your garage but can not be used until the loadout slots are reduced to 3.
  • Improvements to load times
  • Balance changes based on community feedback
  • Agility changes for Wheels, Tank Tracks, insect legs and wings
  • Achievements for “Earn x rank in any Tier” are now based on Player Rank
  • Slowed down the rate at which players level up.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual issue with Tesla in the voting screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sprinter leg/Rotor combinations to travel at unintended speeds
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tutorial bot to fall over
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the player to be locked to the paint gun in edit mode when switching between the guns
  • Party members are no longer kicked out of the lobby if the leader changes their Robot tier

Weapon Balancing

We received a ton of feedback from players for weapon balancing and have implemented balance changes for many of the weapons. below are a list of changes for each weapon part


  • Decreased damage by 5%
  • Reduced energy consumption by 5%


  • Decreased damage by 10%
  • Reduced energy consumption by 10%
  • Increased time between shots by 0.05%
  • Increased explosion radius by 5%


  • Increased damage by 5%
  • Increased Energy consumption by 10%
  • Increased time between shots by 0.1
  • Increased projectile speed by 10%
  • Decreased movement inaccuracy by 5%


  • Reduced energy consumption by 10%


  • Decreased energy consumption by 15%


  • Decreased damage by 10%
  • Increased projectile range by 5%


  • Increased damage per shot by 2.5%


  • No changes to the chaingun


  • Increased projectile range by 5%

Movement balance feedback

We have also actioned some movement balance improvements which have been gathered by the community after our F=MA update.


  • Increased health by 5%


  • Increased health by 10%


  • Increased health by 7.5%
  • Decreased top speed by 10%
  • Increase mass by 10%
  • Increased agility for heavy mechs


  • Increase health by 5%
  • Increase to speed by 10%
  • Increased agility for heavy and light sprinters

Insect Legs

  • Increase health by 5%


  • Mass set to 1 per CPU instead of 0.5 per CPU


  • Increased agility for light and heavy hovers


  • Increased health by 7.5%
  • Decreased top speed by 10%
  • Decreased speed boost by 10%
  • Decreased agility for Heavy and light rotors


  • Increase health by 5%
  • Increase top speed by 5%


  • Increase top speed by 10%
  • Increase speed boost by 5%
  • Decreased agility for light thrusters


  • Increased top speed by 10%

In addition to the changes above, the following Mass per CPUs will apply to these parts

  • Wheels - 20kg per CPU (Current)
  • Tank Tracks - 40kg per CPU (Only the lowest track current has this value)
  • Mech Legs - 30kg per CPU (Current)
  • Sprinter Legs - 25kg per CPU (0.5kg/CPU increase)
  • Insect Legs - 5kg per CPU (Increase from 0.37kg/cpu)
  • Ski - 1KG per CPU (Increase from 0.5kg/cpu)
  • Hover - 5kg per CPU ( Only the Mega Hover currently has this value)
  • Rotor - 5kg per CPU (Increase from 0.36kg/cpu on average per part)
  • Wing - 1kg per CPU (Increase from 0.43kg/cpu on average per part)
  • Rudder - 1kg per CPU (Increase from 0.32kg/cpu on average per part)
  • Thruster - 1kg per CPU (Increase from 0.465kg/cpu on average per part)
  • Propeller - 3kg per CPU (Current)

We hope that you enjoy the new update! Build, Drive, Fight!


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