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Robot Tiers

Robot Tiers

Houston – we have clarity over the Robot Tier system.


–          Added a new ‘Tier Gauge’ at the bottom of the HUD in the Mothership that shows you which ‘Tier’ you Robot is currently on
–          When entering online battles you will always be fighting Robots at the same Tier as your Robot
–          Currently there are 3 Tiers, and we will add more as we progress
–          Tier is based solely on the Robot Ranking of your Robot
–          Note: Tier Robot Ranking values and the Robot Ranking cost of each cube will change from time to time, so you need to keep an eye on these values if you want to play on a specific Tier with friends etc.
–          We’ve added a new Robot Ranking meter which shows you how close you are to your maximum ranking, the black part of the bar shows you the max ranking that can be achieved in the game as a whole
–          Player Level and RP, GC and TP totals always displayed at the top of the HUD in the Mothership



–          Robot Ranking cost of Laser Cannons increased, they also get higher with higher level Lasers (hopefully will reduce gun bed amounts on servers, so you need to make a more strategic choice on your Robot, i.e. more wheels \ chassis cubes may be a better idea than yet another Laser
–          Robot Ranking cost of Headlights decreased


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  1. NATHANIEL says
    13/09/2013, 20:28

    That will help me

  2. superhedge says
    10/09/2013, 17:25

    This should be helpful

  3. Guardian Angel (Quenn1599) says
    09/09/2013, 16:27

    Tiers translation:
    1) noobs
    2) average players
    3) angel and madattak go here, you will not survive

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      09/09/2013, 16:44

      hmm guardian I think your thinking here is a little bit naive. It could be a great challenge to create a sophisticated tier 1 machine 😉

      • madattak
        Dr Freeman (madattak) says
        09/09/2013, 17:44

        Deploy the noob basher V2

    • builderbrick says
      09/09/2013, 20:47

      You left out the rabbits again!

  4. bob88686686 says
    09/09/2013, 15:53


  5. SamoTheBest says
    09/09/2013, 13:06

    This is a good update! 😀

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