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Robostream – When Fruit & Veg Attack!


Pea Shooters at the Ready!

Tune in to this week’s Robostream to get your recommended daily allowance of five fruit and veg. In this special Robostream, we will be attempting once more to control Robots in battle with actual vegetables. You’ll have to watch the stream to find out more!

So, join us as we dive into some of the crazy custom games that you, the community, have created. If you’d like to be part of the Robostream, we’ll be playing the following custom games:


The Greatest Custom Game Mode Ever Made (according to Awesome Soul)
Requirements: 1x Hover Blade Squall, 1x Rod Arc, 1x Rail Piercer
Game mode: Team Deathmatch
Game designer: Awesome Soul

More info: http://aegis.website/robolympics/one-shot/

Ostrich Herding

It’s survival of the featheriest in this game of chase
Requirements: An Ostrich Robot from the CRF
Game mode: Elimination
Game designer: Gromek999

More info: http://aegis.website/robolympics/ostrich-herding/

Fidget Spinners

The current playground favorite comes to Robocraft
Requirements: A Fidget Spinner Robot (your own or one from the CRF)
Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Game Designer: Frommy97

Fruit & Veg Fight

Who said fruit and veg was healthy?
Requirements: A fuit/veg themed robot
Game Mode: Battle Arena
Game Designer: LeftofNever – Freejam

If you want to participate, please ensure that you have a suitable Robot for the game mode being played. Be logged into the game, in the chatroom ‘customgames’ and make sure you’re not in an existing party or custom game (otherwise we can’t add you if you’re picked).

Please note that due to the sheer volume of players wanting to join in the fun, spaces are limited and so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get to battle with us.

In addition to playing some excellent custom games, we’ll be giving out some promo codes and showcasing some community creations.We may even have a surprise or two too*.

The fun starts at 16:00 (UTC+1) on Friday 26/05/17

You can join the stream over on Twitch or Facebook

Click here to see exactly how long until the stream starts!

*subject to change

A special thanks to the following Robocrafters who provided bots used in the Robostream image:

  • dankhole
  • Gottchar
  • Sheep_wielder