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Robostream – Aerofoils Update


It’s Amazing!

Join Robocraft’s community manager LeftofNever and DanSupportJammer Andy on this week’s Robostream where they will be joined by game director Mark Simmons for an exclusive first look at the forthcoming Aerofoils update.

We will be showing off a special build of the game; giving you an exclusive sneak peek at how the aerofoils will work when they’re released in our next update. We’ll also be revealing a few other bits and bobs too. Mark will be taking a few of your questions too so make sure you’re joining us over on Twitch.

In addition to the look at aerofoils, we’ll be giving away a few promo codes and revealing the first part of the code for the 1x Lifetime Premium we’re giving away to one lucky viewer. As usual, we’ll be playing a few games too including the latest Elimination Battlegrounds BRAWL, and some custom games too.

If you want to increase your chances of playing alongside the team in one of their Custom Games, please ensure that you’ve joined the ‘Robostream’ chat channel in the game. To join the chat channel follow these instructions:

  • Log into Robocraft
  • Click the mouse pointer inside the chat entry widget
  • Type: /join Robostream
  • Press enter

One of the custom games they’ll be playing will be ‘Emoji Battles’ (in celebration of World Emoji Day earlier this week). For this you must be using one of ‘aaaa777′ brilliant Emoji robots as the base of your robot. You’ll need to put movement parts and weapons on it; remembering to keep it under 2,000 CPU.


The fun starts at 16:00 (UTC+1) on Friday 21/07/17
You can join the stream over on Twitch or Facebook
Click here to see exactly how long until the stream starts!