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Robostream 1.0


Celebrating Robocraft 1.0

Join us on Friday 25th August from 16:00 (UTC+1) for a very special Robostream. We’re blowing up the party balloons and putting on a lavish spread of crisps, cake, sundry snacks and fizzy pop as we celebrate the Robocraft moving out of Early Access and into 1.0.

Joining community manager LeftofNever on the stream will be some (hopefully all) of the Robocraft team including the founding fathers of Freejam. They’ll be on-hand to answer some of your questions while recounting tales of the early life of Robocraft.

We’ll also be giving away some free codes and announcing a new competition where you could win some awesome and exclusive Gamepedia swag.

The fun kicks off at 4!

You can join the stream over on Twitch or Facebook

Click here to see exactly how long until the stream starts!