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Robonews – Issue #9

Fresh off the press from Robonews, the galaxy’s number one robo-political information service!


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  1. Fulano5321 says
    16/02/2015, 17:00

    So do we get reimbursed for our rectifiers we’ve already bought?

    • Fulano5321 says
      16/02/2015, 17:04

      Or do they work differently than the V2 rectifier?

      • Fulano5321 says
        16/02/2015, 17:41

        Question already answered I see.

  2. juan15000 says
    15/02/2015, 04:07

    tendrían que colocar un nuevo modo de juego que de cierto tier para arriba tengas que matar jefes o algo por el estilo eso estaría super bien

  3. juan15000 says
    15/02/2015, 04:03

    que me recomiendan para menos lag en las batallas porque da bastante en tier 10 ahora
    vas a batalla y te da un lagg mientras disparas por lo menos a mi que puedo hacer

    ( les esta quedando muy bueno el juego )

  4. HaguDeGozaru says
    15/02/2015, 03:54

    Nice going, Neykov!

  5. DeadNoggin says
    15/02/2015, 01:14

    At the bottom it says they changed the boss battle treaty. all boss battles are formatted 4 v. many. Does this mean no more solo boss battles?! if this is true that means you would be fighting along side 3 other players.

  6. BroSavage says
    14/02/2015, 22:59

    unfair i think in this they said something about megabots aint aloud to be in platoons
    i wanted them so badly and have it in a platoon

  7. XNightskyX says
    14/02/2015, 16:53

    That means everyone who will equip this seat can become a mothership? i thought i have to reach level 100 or something o.O

  8. darkracer125 says
    14/02/2015, 12:27

    ps: all these login poblems tell me there is another free day incomming

    • Kostas RC says
      14/02/2015, 12:35

      there is actually. They announced that they will fix the lag problem on Wednesday and will give another premium code.

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