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Robonews – Issue #5

Fresh off the press from Robonews,
the galaxy’s number one robo-political information service!


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  1. C4_13B says
    05/11/2014, 18:51

    Um… the picture of that spaceship is made by splicing together this: (https://www.flickr.com/photos/rphilo004/15087305478/) and this: (https://www.flickr.com/photos/legolupino/15128646637/in/set-72157647466648809), the latter of which I built. It would have been nice to have gotten some credit. Is it even legal to use someone’s photo without asking them? I mean I would have been fine if they had asked, but…

  2. VininhoCrazy says
    05/11/2014, 14:37


  3. MasterCupcakes says
    05/11/2014, 13:11

    i sence something big boming our way

  4. skroww says
    05/11/2014, 13:01

    Thats message wery interesting,but people that dont know eng well cant copy text to translater.And read this from picture hard to eyes on my screen.

    • Void_Phantom_X says
      05/11/2014, 13:06

      should be a text version

  5. finebone says
    05/11/2014, 12:54

    I like the running toast joke. very clever.

  6. Faby says
    05/11/2014, 12:46

    Пишите новости текстом, а не картинкой. Мне же тоже интересно что да как. Но перевести не могу, потому что невозможно скопировать текст.

  7. domto33 says
    05/11/2014, 12:44

    Does anyone have $79,003.49 that I can have to buy the news?
    That is one overpriced paper

    • LoreWalkerCho says
      05/11/2014, 13:16

      Hey, inflation! 🙂

    • Ori128 says
      05/11/2014, 13:18

      The high price represents the inflation we’ll have in 2149.

    • SargeJoe says
      05/11/2014, 13:26

      depend how the economy developed in the future.
      60-100 years ago $10.000 was equal to 1 million $ today (not exactly, but you know what I mean)

  8. ifestos312 says
    05/11/2014, 12:30

    I have a feeling somethings gonna get nerfed…

    • NovaLegion says
      05/11/2014, 13:20

      Were at the point. If they nerfed something again, It would go all wack. Right now, Its as close as we get to Stable

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