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Robonanza This Weekend

Robonanza This Weekend

The servers went down today due to a service we use (YGN) having some data centre troubles. The problem was out of our control and it was luckily fixed pretty quickly. Despite that we’d like to apologise for the server outage and issue this FREE PROMO CODE with gives 1 DAY PREMIUM FREE.

The code is a single use code per account, can be used any time between now and midnight (USA time) on 14th June. The Premium will be added to your current quote, so if you has some Premium already you will get an additional day, and if you have none, you will get 1 day added.

Remember also that all users get 5% extra for every other user that has Premium in battle, so you effectively get 300% when everyone has Premium so this weekend should be a crazy weekend.

We have a pretty big update coming on 22nd June – not Megas in the new game mode (as that it a huge feature for us and is still one month away yet) – but it is a pretty big update with loads of new features included. So, with that in mind, the Promo Code is:



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  1. Culzephyr says
    25/06/2015, 17:40

    Just saw this and wanted to get my day of premium back but nooooo it’s expired. I have had horrible lag and game freezes all week. 1 in 5 games I get to play the whole game.

  2. plZygUpl says
    23/06/2015, 10:24

    Until when is a premium

  3. reaper580 says
    23/06/2015, 08:19

    ive got 1 idea PLEASE LOOK AT THIS COMMENT can yall make a server where you can build whatever you want for free then test it in a open world lobby and can we get a daily pay like war thunder has where every day u can on you either get gp or rp that would be great

    • LindetwinNL_ says
      24/06/2015, 18:22

      yes it would prevent a lot of: oohhh that don’t work, pend all weekend to buy it :'( :'( :'( .
      so great idea reaper580

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