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In this small update, we’ve making a few improvements to how XP is earned in Robocraft.

  • Earn XP in build mode – In order to reward those players who prefer to spend time building robots rather than battling, players will now earn XP when they build their own robots. The Building XP system simply allows players to level up while they are in build mode, generating an amount of level experience as if they were in Battle. As long as you’re actively building, and not just sitting in the edit mode, you’ll earn XP.
  • Removal of Mastery System – With the addition of XP for building, the old Mastery System has been removed from the game. Players whose Robots are downloaded from the CRF and used in battles by other players will still be rewarded with Robits – this functionality has not been removed. When a Robot is downloaded from the CRF and used in battle, the creator will receive 1,500 Robits per battle for up to ten battles. This means that for every download the creator can receive up to 15,000 Robits (1,500 x 10).
  • Changes to XP earned in battle – We’ve been listening to your community feedback and many of you have let it be known that you’re leveling up too quickly. Prior to the update, XP earned was directly proportional to score. This meant veteran or more experienced players with low-level secondary accounts were leveling up too quickly at the start. With this update we have introduced a non-linear relationship between score and XP to ensure that levels are gained at a more even pace for all players.*

*Please note that as XP has a direct relationship to Robits earned after battle, the XP changes will affect Robits earned too. This does NOT mean that better players will earn less Robits than others – all players will continue to be rewarded for their performance.

As usual, we will listen to your feedback for this update and may make changes to improve the gameplay experience.