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Tech Tree Update Hotfix #2 – 1.7.2529


  • Plasma projectile speed increased from 96 to 144
  • Healing score reduced slightly


  • Plasma tooltip energy consumption corrected
  • Players who have unlocked everything on the Tech Tree will no longer see the Tech Point awarded animation when leveling up
  • Players with Lifetime Premium will no longer see the ‘buy premium’ button on the battle summary screen
  • Fixed a bug which failed to display some screen resolution options on the settings screen
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Tech Tree top bar to disappear when deleting a copied robot
  • Fixed the hover-off state on the ‘Go To Tech Tree’ and ‘Buy Premium’ buttons
  • Pressing ENTER on the Level Up and battle summary screens will now close those screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tesla SFX to continue playing even if the weapon or your Robot was destroyed


  • Some players may experience flipped robots when re-spawning. If you are affected by this issue in-game, please press F to rectify.