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Major Update Notes – The Tanks Are Rollin’ Out

Robocraft – The Tanks Are Rollin’ Out

Major update notes can be found below.

Full release notes will be posted tomorrow at noon upon release.


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  1. EuanTheMan says
    17/12/2014, 15:27

    also, in a new update, could you possibly put a mechanic in where we could have 2 weapons on the robo like a plasma and Smg or plasma and rail cannon]

  2. EuanTheMan says
    17/12/2014, 15:25

    This game just got even more epic WELL DONE FREEJAM AND ALL WHO ARE INVOLVED TOO!!!!!!!!!


  3. grasshoppers says
    11/12/2014, 20:29

    i think this is good… but please PLEASE give us more thing in soon updates like more things like traps or a campian where you kill higher and higher tier robot and get rp,and tp aswel as things to see others players robots without platoon, back to the campain bosses and multiplayer with a “hub” to upgrade your robot.How about where is you have the blocks you can upgrade or replace the other CUBES or you can get better windsheild cubes or more wepons like bombs,or location items like tracers.

    • grasshoppers says
      11/12/2014, 20:31

      i forgot to say i would love this in the game

    • NinjaJc01 says
      14/12/2014, 18:22

      Wrong section, put in suggestions

  4. yummymarc13 says
    10/12/2014, 20:45

    Sick haven’t tried it yet

  5. yummymarc13 says
    10/12/2014, 20:45

    Sick haven’t tried it yet

  6. 7kasi7 says
    10/12/2014, 09:13

    tier 7

  7. caribouloukc says
    10/12/2014, 07:18

    Tracks are slow, slide on ice.. can hardly climb over a hill.. they get stuck in ditches, and once flipped it’s rare to recover. In what world is a wheeled vehicle able to ram a tank into the air..

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