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Robocraft Servers Currently Down

Robocraft Servers Currently Down


Due to ongoing issues with our third party server provider, Robocraft servers are currently down. We’re currently working with our server provider to come up with a solution to get everything back up and running.

There is no ETA on when service will resume as normal, but rest assured we’re working on deploying a solution as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience. We hope to get you back playing very soon.

UPDATE #1: Servers will be back online at or before 4pm UTC. We will be releasing a 1 Day Premium code to everyone to make up for any lost Premium game time. Again, we’d like to apologies for the downtime.

UPDATE #2: Unfortunately we’re still getting issues with our server provider, so we have no choice but to extend maintenance to 6pm UTC. Keep an eye on this news story for future updates.

UPDATE #3: Our third party servers will not be back up at 6pm UTC as anticipated. We are now pursuing an alternate method to get everything back up and running. No timeframe on when servers will be back at present.

UPDATE #4: Servers are back online and we’re currently tracking their stability. 

UPDATE #5: Servers are now back online and we’ll be tracking stability carefully over the next 12 hours. If we don’t have any downtime after that we will release a 1 Day Premium code tomorrow.