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RC on Steam Greenlight – PLEASE VOTE!

RC on Steam Greenlight – PLEASE VOTE!

After so many requests by the community to put Robocraft on Steam we’ve finally buckled and exposed the game to the masses on Steam Greenlight.

We’re pretty excited about the idea of putting Robocraft on early access is we can get Greenlit so if you like Robocraft and like what Freejam are doing with the game please give us an up vote by clicking the image below and hitting YES on our page.

Please help Robocraft get onto Steam by voting for us.

Note: If we are lucky enough to be green lit, our intention is to allow users to play as they do now AND via Steam, whichever they prefer. We will not force users to use Steam. We will also ensure that Robocraft remains Free-To-Play, even when on Steam. You will not have to pay money to play Robocraft if you do not want to.


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  1. mavl9 says
    25/03/2014, 13:40

    YES I LOVE STEAM PLEASE DO THAT (I’m A Noob At RoboCraft But I Have Some Good Gear)

  2. builderbrick says
    18/03/2014, 01:29

    I’ve waited so many months for this :3

  3. Ghostkiller241 says
    17/03/2014, 22:57

    hi I I’m new

  4. Sugoi says
    16/03/2014, 23:42

    Here comes the reddit.

    This is the beginning of the end.

    • jumpylink02 says
      17/03/2014, 14:17

      wrong. Its the end of the beginning

  5. janimationd says
    16/03/2014, 23:04

    Don’t mind all the comments about it being a bad idea, the way you guys are approaching this is good, and not forcing people to play it on steam is a decision that will benefit everyone. Steam is a great way to get the game out into the open, and I bet it well get quite popular since this is quite a unique game so far!

  6. Crafty_Shadow says
    16/03/2014, 15:59

    My friend has a problem called “Unable to load chat settings Reason:Data is corrupted” How to fix it?

    • skylertheman40 says
      17/03/2014, 02:04

      Shadow, FreeJam has been notified of this problem on the forums. Quite a few have this problem. It will also be fixed as soon as possible.

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